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just been scarred outta fasting

05 Jun 2011 15:15 #7456 by RedRoses
RedRoses created the topic: just been scarred outta fasting
so i just read on another forum about peoples teeth falling out duriing a fast
i was planning on doing another fast as of tomorow for 5 days, ive been feeling abit poorly lately and hoped a fast could help me feel better again.
im terrified that my teeth will fall out though...i dont understand how this could happen has it happened to anyone here and why would it happen in the first place perhaps this was a long fast and a short one wouldnt have these effects i dont really know what to think now any advice would be helpful on this before i start a fast again

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05 Jun 2011 15:25 #7457 by Milena
Milena replied the topic: Re: just been scarred outta fasting
I started to fast in February. Since then I've completed 36 hrs dry fast, 72 hrs dry fast, 5 days dry fast, 40-days combined (9 dry and 31 water days) fast, and another 7-day dry fast. Take a look at my before and after pictures and let me know if I look like anyone whose teeth might be falling out..:)

Unless the person is severely malnutritioned or at the point of starvation (loss of 45% of body weight or more) I do not see it happening.

May the Energy you free from digesting serves your Body and Spirit well!

All my posts are based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of the licensed medical practitioner.
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05 Jun 2011 16:18 #7458 by david
david replied the topic: Re: just been scarred outta fasting
Hello and welcome RedRoses.
There are several instances of people's especially woman's hair falling after a water fast. But I have never encountered people's teeth falling out from fasting only from an extended fruitarian diet (no vegetables or excessive fruit) The only possible cause for teeth loosening in my opinion is that the tooth was already dead or the detox is so extreme and the body chooses the mouth as the main exit point for these toxins. I think the best people to ask are people who have fasted thousands of people on water such as The Fast Doctor (Dr Andre Kruger) John Fielder and Dr Keki Sidwha or any Natural Hygieniest on the link on the main menu left columm. You could ask any of them too. But there are ways and means to prevent such heavy detox taking place in the mouth such as the very clever five step elimination cycles or regular weekly fasting instead of a long fast. As for hair falling this could be due to the body rebalancing the hormones, or taking the opportunity to get rid of old hair in order to regrow new hair. There are some threads on hair falling but as yet we do not have any on falling teeth. Dr Stanley Bass has had a few teeth fall out but this was from his experimenting with a grape mono diet. And he also pushed himself to extremes in order to learn more about the body and different diets and their effects. You can call him too he lives in NY

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06 Jun 2011 01:16 #7472 by cory
cory replied the topic: Re: just been scarred outta fasting
I have heard of dead teeth falling out but not healthy teeth, normally during a fast your body heals it self more. I know my gums/teeth actually improved after fasting more. Like David said you probable have to be careful in a juice fast as many fruits are high in sugar, but it's unlikely in a dry/water fast unless the tooth is already dead.

A quote from Dr Bass "Another interesting phenomena which I have experienced is, that on 3 occasions in my lifetime, whenever I had a dead or abscessed tooth causing inflammation and facial swelling, I invariably went on a water fast, and within 13 to 18 days the dead tooth fell out by itself. Naturally and painlessly.
The dentists I told this to were amazed and said they never heard of this. Yet I saved these teeth as proof of Nature being able to handle all conceivable physical problems."

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