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Arthritis: Softly Softly Approach

29 Jun 2008 20:06 #946 by david
david created the topic: Arthritis: Softly Softly Approach
This is a must read e-mail response from John Fielder: It demonstrates Natural Hygiene in action and just how gentle an approach it really is!

Here is the link to John's article on client Merrilly who suffers from severe arthritis:

Hi David.

Merrilyn received much more benefit from the fast than she expected.

A large percentage of this was attributable to :

An extended period prior to coming to the farm, of gradually changing her habits to a more healthy way.

Commencing the fast at the time designated by her body and not according to an intellectual decision to do so.

Breaking the fast appropriately.

Counselling during the fast and subsequently after breaking the fast.

Her willingness and readiness to experience whatever discomfort that might occur during the fast and to follow the directions she was given

Her acceptance and understanding of, the necessity for supervision whilst she was fasting.

Her acceptance and understanding that the breaking of the fast was just as important as, if not more so, than the fast itself,
to ensure that the maximum benefit was obtainable.

It is necessary for us to bear in mind that the fast is only one of the tools which is used, and necessary in the building and maintenance
of health.

The mind, along with sunlight,exercise,diet, clean water, etc., are also important and necessary components, and without balancing those factors in our lives, all the fasting in the world will not be sufficient to provide health.

Your friend,


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Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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29 Jun 2008 22:15 #947 by johnfielder
johnfielder replied the topic: Re:Arthritis: Softly Softly Approach
Hi David,

Many thanks.

To save any mis-understanding, it may be as well to mention that my approach to fasting is not that of Natural Hygiene. The Hygienic method is to jump into a fast without due preparation. I believe that this can be dangerous, and counter-productive resulting in the person fasting for a much longer period than they would otherwise do so,
requiring less than half the time to achieve even better results with prior preparation.

The danger, as I would see it, is that we are asking the body to go down a path it is not essentially prepared to do so, and therefore
placing ourselves at undue risk of complications occurring that would not, and do not, otherwise occur when working in accord with the biology of our bodies.

When fasting is applied with the biological approach, as I have designated in my book on Fasting, it is a relatively simple and safe
modality which may be utilized by the average person in their own home, when required. Of course, due to the fact that we are so
medically orientated in our thinking and habits, having been indoctrinated in this way since early child-hood, most, if not all, will greatly benefit from fasting under supervision of a trained professional. And not only will the benefit come from being under the care of a trained person, it will also come from being away from our \"well meaning friends and relatives\" who, due to their own ignorance
and lack of understanding, will be our worst enemies advising us of all sorts of calamities that have befallen those who have died from
lack of food etc.

Additionally, it enables the fast to be broken in a controlled way, a way which is most important, for much of the benefits of the fast, may be, and are lost, if this very crucial period is not adhered to correctly. It is so much easier to achieve this when it is being conducted and monitored by some-one else. For in most instances that I have observed, very few people have the self control necessary to be able to achieve this successfully on their own.


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30 Jun 2008 19:23 #951 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Arthritis: Softly Softly Approach
Great wisdom indeed John. Thanks for the insights, it is valuable to patients and practitioners alike.

This thing about \"well meaning friends\" and \"dying from lack of nutrition\".. I believe these misconceptions are actively being promoted by the \"food industry\" which does not benefit from nutrition but from selling things to be eaten.

I agree that proper preparation for a fast is essential. However, I am so often confronted by a patient hearing about fasting for the first time only after booking into the Hydro. Sometimes the enthusiasm with which they then wish to embark on a fast is just too contagious to try and smother.. it might just not happen again if we don't allow them to fast when they feel so enthusiastic.

But I would really welcome John's invaluable insight into how best to approach \"fired-up\" patients who wish to start a fast just when they hear about it, but who have not gone through the PHYSICAL preparation.. will the psychologial enthusiasm and good supervision always be adequate to see then through?

Whilst I know this situation is not ideal, fortunately so far we have been \"lucky\" in that most of these patients, even though \"jumping in on the deep end\" did very well indeed, perhaps partly because of a \"hands-on\" approach. Well at least we have not had anyone needing meaningful medical intervention, even though we have had more than 10 thousand patients fasting..


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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  • Misslinda
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21 Feb 2009 21:14 #2778 by Misslinda
Misslinda replied the topic: Re:Arthritis: Softly Softly Approach
You both have really good points on the topic of fasting perparation, if at all.

Personally, one must understand that IF a fasting is to be exectued, the body is that much more cleaner therefore the food lifestyle must be as well to carry on the efffectiveness otherwise fastingg becomes a dietary tool rather than a healing modality.

Those that don't prepare, typically find it hard to stay in a cleaner food lifestyle. Those have cleaner food lifestyles even those in a 1 week transition, find the begining of fasting much more tolerable in detox and transition.

It's NOT mandatory but highly desired. Everything is a process...we benefit from the progression.

Personally, as effective as fasting is in itself, the real effects are appraent during POST FASTING stages. The following 6 months to ensure how one has adpated, healed,resumed eating etc. HEALTH is progressive and we need the post fasting months to illustrate that.

HEALTH is ongoing progressive work.

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