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My Daily Fasting Regimen: Please Critique!

25 Apr 2012 20:59 #10769 by jonathanvaljean
jonathanvaljean created the topic: My Daily Fasting Regimen: Please Critique!
Greetings from Virginia to you all!

First of all, I am elated to have found your site. I have been fasting intermittently since 2008 and have also done a few short water fasts and about seven green juice 3-day fasts. How wonderful to find a community of fasters here on the web that even includes an expert guide! :)

I began fasting due to a chronic and ongoing candida condition that just will not go away thanks to my body not manufacturing IgA. My other levels of immunoglobulins are fine, but not IgA is present in my system. Because of this, I seemed to be doomed to a lifetime battle against candida... :(

To the point of my posting, I would love to hear some feedback regarding my daily routine. Most days, I stop eating around 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and then do not consume anything again
until 9:00 a.m. when I take in some green powder and bee pollen (as well as allergy medication.) I don't actually eat a meal again until noon the next day, when I break the fast with a big salad of red and green peppers, lettuce, radicchio, organic dried herbs (non-irradiated), and apple cider vinaigrette. As you can see, on most days, I fast from 14-16 hours.

If I snack, I generally consume raw almonds (steam pasteurized, actually) and dried cranberries. I also snack on raw veggies and consume about 2 cups of whole fat yogurt per day. I try to keep the sugar content fairly low and sometimes add whipping cream to my yogurt, in order to boost the caloric content, for
I struggle to maintain my weight. (I weigh 150 and am 5'10".) I also consume homemade kefir, but, unfortunately, I have no access to raw cow's or goat's milk. It is worth mentioning that I generally refrain from eating processed foods. Another "snack" for me is Brewer's yeast, which, according to some, can disrupt candidiasis; however, as for me, I have not derived any ill-effects. I eat very little meat, but I do consume eggs. I also eat lots of cooked cabbage and leafy greens, adding smoked pork hock for flavor.

Any thoughts on the daily routine, everyone? Any major problems that you see? I am totally open to any advice that you all can render.

I also have several specific questions:

1) Is it okay for me to take cod liver oil and omega 3's each morning during the

12-16 hour fast, or will that break the fast? (I generally take these items at the 12 hour mark.)

2) Is a green juice powder--Perfect Food, for example--and bee pollen okay to take during my daily 12-16 hour fasts? (As before, I generally take these items at the 12 hour mark.)

3) If the items mentioned break the fast, are there any supplements or items that one can consume to help one's blood sugar levels without breaking the fast? (You see, I
must teach for the last 3-6 hours of the fast, and I find that I need something to keep me going.)

Thanks so much for reading!


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25 Apr 2012 22:15 #10770 by jonathanvaljean
jonathanvaljean replied the topic: Re: My Daily Fasting Regimen: Please Critique!
Note to the moderator: I couldn't find a good place for the type of fast that I do. Please feel free to move this thread to the best possible location. I apologize that it is in the wrong category. I now see that, given the type of daily fast that I do, it would be better to have placed this in Intermittent Water Fasting.

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