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12-WEEK 36-hr twice a week Intermittent Dry Fasting

13 Aug 2011 09:42 #8959 by Milena
Milena replied the topic: Re: End of Week 7 of the 12-WEEK 36-hr twice a week Intermittent Dry Fasting
No, I do not mind all this discussion on my thread..:) And yes, I pretty much completely gave up on going raw vegan. I really don't like raw food and I don't like cold food. So since I have no health reason to go in that direction, I see no reason for suffering. ..:) Besides I have come to a conclusion tonight that I really do much better on protein centered diet then high carbs. When I consume more protein then everything is balanced. I still eat a lot of veggies and fruit, but not as much grain products.

My four weeks as a vegan made grains and its products a staple of my diet. I am not talking about bread I never liked bread and don't eat it. Today I realized it was because grain products have more protein in them then veggies or fruits. For instance, one multi-grain bagel that I would usually have for breakfast has 12 gram of protein. One medium size banana has only 1 gram of protein. So for me to get the same amount of protein as in one bagel, I would have to eat 12 bananas. Ouch! Even a thought of doing it makes my stomach cringe. I also remembered how I would feel totally satisfied after having one whole egg and 1 egg white with 2 pieces of bacon (a total of 15 gram of protein) for breakfast and it would keep me going easily till midday. Now, even one bagel with peanut butter is not enough for me and in two hours I am starving. This realization made me reconsider my decision to go grainless, us most likely it will mean feeling starving at all times and constantly overeating, thus stretching my stomach again.

Also so many people say how after a long fast they would stop craving meat and fish and only crave fruit and veggie. A total opposite happened to me. After my 40-day fast I was tired of fruit juices and fruit by the third day of my refeed and was dying for some meat. Obviously I started to eat it too fast and developed edema. But I have to tell you eating salmon and barbecued meat on the 6th day was a heavenly experience. Hence, instead of being on a fruitarian diet. I am going to try to combine 12-day Grapefruit diet with intermittent fasting and see what it will do for my weight loss. I will not do it before the end of these 12-week period as I do not have enough time and don't want to spend the two weeks prior to my 11-day dry fast with out any fruit. However, after I refeed myself for about 2 - 3 weeks I will go for it.

Last time I went on 12-day Grapefruit diet I lost 9 lbs and that's without fasting. I kept it off for a very long time. I also felt amazing on this diet. A lot of energy, both physical and mental, almost like when you are fasting, as you are in ketosis while on this diet. Since this diet is based primarily on fat and protein with 0 sugar of any kind, including fruit, I am sure combined with 5 fasting days it should produce higher results, considering that I will be in ketosis pretty much the whole time for 17 days. This might be the last thing I will need to reach my weight goal.

May the Energy you free from digesting serves your Body and Spirit well!

All my posts are based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of the licensed medical practitioner.

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13 Aug 2011 10:07 #8960 by Milena
Milena replied the topic: End of Week 8 of the 12-WEEK 36-hr twice a week Intermittent Dry Fasting

Milena wrote:

Milena wrote:

Milena wrote:

Milena wrote:

Milena wrote:
On July 7th, 2011 at 20:00

weight - 145.2 lbs
body fat - 28.7%

On July 14th, 2011 at 20:00

weight - 146.6 lbs
body fat - 29.0%

On July 21st, 2011

weight - 143.6 lbs
bofy fat - 29.0%

On July 28th, 2011

weight - 146.0 lbs
body fat - 28.8%

On August 4th, 2011

weight - 145.0 lbs
body fat - 29.1%

On August 11th, 2011

weight - 143.6 lbs
body fat - 29.9%

My first weigh in at the beginning of my four vegan weeks showed starting weight of 146.6 lbs and body fat 29.1%. Four weeks later I weigh 3 lbs less but my body fat increased by almost 1%. I am not happy with this results considering how much I had to give up. I could've done a lot better by eating more protein with veggies and fruits plus some grains. Anyways, it is water under the bridge. We live, we learn as they say.

I have decided to not attempt fruitarian diet since after trying for a few hours to only consume fruits I realized that it was keeping me either starving or having to eat constantly, a habit I am definitely not interested in developing as I was not going to adopt this diet for a long period of time and going back to omnivorous diet after being used to eating all the time would lead me to ballooning again.

At this point I have 25 days left before the end of my office's 12-week Weight Loss competition. I am going back to the true and trying method of weight loss, which is a long dry fast. It has been two months since I've completed my last 7-day dry fast. I feel safe to do another one. In addition I have a 4-day weekend on the labor day weekend, so I will attempt 11-day dry fast this time. I will start at 10 pm on August 25th, Friday. By the time Monday comes I will be on my 4th day, which has always been an easy time for me on dry. Day 4 through day 7 I will be working and day 8 through 11 I will be at home. I will break the fast on September 5th at 10 pm and hydrate myself enough to be able to go back to the office on the 7th. The first day after dry fast will be water only. On September 7th I will come to the office, weigh myself in for the competition and start refeeding. That is the plan. God help me! I really want to get 11-days dry under my belt this year, I hope the weather will be cool enough to help me get through with it.

May the Energy you free from digesting serves your Body and Spirit well!

All my posts are based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of the licensed medical practitioner.

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13 Aug 2011 13:56 - 13 Aug 2011 14:06 #8961 by borota
borota replied the topic: Re: End of Week 8 of the 12-WEEK 36-hr twice a week Intermittent Dry Fasting
My regular diet is is very high in grains, rice especially. All this stuff about grains and starchy food being "bad" for you is news to me. And honestly I don't believe it - at least for me is not "bad" :- )

I will go on a raw vegan for 7 weeks starting from today, because I believe it can be beneficial - like a fast. But I don't think in the long run is quite feasible for me and my family as a life-style, having to eat like herbivore pretty much all the time. With cooked food and grains one can eat say 3 times a day and be as satisfied as on omnivore diet - but that usually after being for close to 3 months on this kind of eating. Also I hope to develop new habits on this type of diet - eating more greens - as I think I am a bit deficient on that end.

My giving up of animal food was motivated by health problems. Otherwise I would have never given it up... So if you can thrive and be healthy and happy on it, why "suffer" needlessly :- ) ?

At this time, I am at the stage where the only real craving from omnivore world left is cheese when I smell or see it. And when fasting or coming out of fasting, I do crave fruits, legumes and the likes. So I simply can't see myself going back on omnivore diet.

But I find it fascinating to read what you and others post here, and educate myself and learn that there is so much variation in how we all are.

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