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IF for the rest of November

15 Nov 2012 23:38 #13759 by Mystic
Mystic replied the topic: IF for the rest of November
That is a great qoute, when I feel tempted to cut my fast short I will remember it. Today is a fasting day, yesterday I didn't eat alot but the food was mostly bread, something I am trying to give up, so I wasn't happy with myself. I love the empty feeling fasting gives me. It won't be easy today but with mindfullness and determination, I can do it.
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16 Nov 2012 02:32 #13762 by 10syogactress
10syogactress replied the topic: IF for the rest of November
Hi Friends,

Please share more comments, wisdom, anything. Really, any and all of your words help. I started another fast today only to have ended it mid-afternoon because I was unbearably hungry. Now it has been down hill from there. It's as if I can't stop! I feel like a bottomless pit, eating everything and anything in sight. I don't like that feeling and I so much want to get back to fasting! I just feel like I cannot.

Please help with any stories, etc. that you have.

Lisa-I really admire your strength during your fast! Keep going, inspiring us and motivating us all!!!

HW: 149 lbs
LW: 121 lbs
GW: 123 lbs

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."

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