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IF 36-48 hrs, with bananas / lettuce with raisins & cheese on eating days :) July IF

12 Jul 2013 17:57 #17638 by mhaiyarn76
mhaiyarn76 created the topic: IF 36-48 hrs, with bananas / lettuce with raisins & cheese on eating days :)
Hello all!!!

I missed being here... i think last i was here was last feb. I havent fasted for a while, but i have been on raw food 90%, i use to like eaing from Mc donalds but for some reason, i take a bite of it and it makes me nauseous. same effect with cooked food, i know its weird. So i have been basically eating banana (not so much), lettuce with raisins and 100 cal cheese, no dressing. and for snacks apple. thats it. I have also been doing some tactical body training and it does help me with my energy and mood. So with me plannin to IF, im very anxious in doing so. im plannin to continue with my workout coz without it i feel so stiff and unpleasant. I guess it will be an adventure. Thats why i need a place to post it and will be needing some support as well on this. :)

Im planning a 36-48 hrs fasting and 12-24 hr eating phase. on those days, i will only eat Raw food like mentioned above and then i will have off days every SUNDAYS. when i can eat what ever i want. I will see how this will effect me energy wise , mentally and spiritually. I have been in a lot of stress and i feel that doing this IF will hep calm me down.

now question is when do i start? probably will eat 1 more banana and i will start. will need to work on a calendar too to keep me on track...

oh well..wish me luck.

CW: 129lbs.

" I dont have a soul...I AM A SOUL, I HAVE A BODY" by India.Arie :)

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13 Jul 2013 11:20 #17639 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: IF 36-48 hrs, with bananas / lettuce with raisins & cheese on eating days :)
Mhaiya!!! Hugs!! I was just reading some of your old posts because I was inspiring myself rereading fasts I posted. So glad to have you back. I took a break from fasting and gained a bunch of weight but I'm almost back down to where I want to be. Well to my first goal that is. Anyway, it sounds like an interesting plan. I hope you're getting enough nutrients from the very limited variety of food you are eating. But whatever works for you. I've come to the conclusion that there is no one right way of eating that is ideal for every person. Whatever helps you gain control of your eating habits. For me, I have a Starbucks soy latte in the morning and then I don't eat until evening but I go out to a restaurant and try to order the healthiest food there. Plus cheesecake for dessert if I'm fasting the next day ha ha. Then I've been fasting the entire 32 hours that I am at work. I did a ten day fast at Christmas that got me to 104 lbs and by July I weighed 131.5. Wtf???? Anyway this morning I weighed 118 so I'm getting there. And you will too. Best wishes and don't forget about us.

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