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Alternate Day Fasting: Anne Osborne's Experience

15 Jun 2011 20:42 #7787 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur created the topic: Alternate Day Fasting: Anne Osborne's Experience
I thought it would be good to post this interview in several different sections. (Interview conducted by Yuliya)

Anne Osborne has adopted a fruitarian diet 19 years ago. During this time she has raised two very happy and healthy children and has published her book 'Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise'.
Her website is
She also can be found on several raw vegan/fruitarian forums, particularly on , where she has an online journal recording her everyday adventures hunting and eating fruit with her younger son, Cappi, and also going on occasional extended water and orange juice fasts.

Anne graciously answered my questions about her experience with alternative day fasting that she did for one year from January 1st 1997 until December 31st 1997.


Q: I was wondering what was your motivation?

A: I had experienced a challenging event, and I felt that I wanted to have a response to it, that would respect what had happpened and also be a healthy response. So the alternate fasting was not directly the result of wanting to make health improvements.

Q: And what benefits and changes did you notice?

A: I had very good energy. At the time I was a full-time single parent, and also doing a full-time college course with lots of homework. So I often needed to get up at 4am to do my college work before my boy got up.
I felt very clear mentally, I got 100% in all my college tests during this year, scored well in assignments and I won a writing competition.

Also physically, I experienced benefits, enamel on my front two top teeth re-mineralised.
I had done a mono Orange juice diet previously, and had juiced much of the Oranges with my front teeth, which had left a bit of enamel erosion.
Also I had very good physical health during the year.

Q: How long was it before there was no sense of deprivation or hunger on the fasting day?

A: I never really experienced any deprevation, I think because my fasting every other day was not really for health, but in response to an event, I did not view it as deprivation.
I would sometimes feel hungry about 4pm, but I was so busy that year, that I just worked through it, and the feeling would go away fairly quickly.
Also because I knew that I would be eating the next day, deprivation and hunger were not such a big issue for me.
If I was going out, and I wanted to be able to eat on my fasting day, I would just fast two days before instead of one. For example, if Wednesday was my fasting day, and I was going out for a fruit meal, I would fast Monday and Tuesday before, instead of just Monday.
But I remember going out during the year on my fasting day, and just having water at a restaurant — and I had a wonderful time!

Q: Did you eat overt fats such as durian and avocado on your eating days?

A: I was eating Avocado at this point, not every eating day, but certainly on some days. I was not eating nuts, and if I had Durian it would have only been once or twice.
When living in England, I only got fresh Durian which was imported from Thailand only in August and September.

Q: Did you drink water on the fasting day and have you ever tried dried fasting?

A: I did drink water, but in the cooler months I would not have drank huge quantities. I have never intentionally tried dry fasting, but on some fasting days, I drink very little if I have no thirst. When doing extended fasting, I find that on the first day I often have little thirst but by the second day my body is usually desiring water.

Q: How long did it take before your weight stabilized during your intermittent fasting year?

A: I did not lose weight during the alternate fasting year. I do not think I was eating any more than usual on my eating days, but I was eating earlier in the morning than I usually did.
I find the calorie model can be very linear and not take into account many other factors involved in weight maintenance.
For example, when I mono diet on Orange juice, I lose weight.
But when I mono diet on Melons, with a similar calorific amount, I tend to maintain my weight.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more, please feel free to ask.

Wishing you a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

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