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intermittent fast DAY1 with coconut water

23 Sep 2012 13:08 #12674 by mhaiyarn76
mhaiyarn76 created the topic: intermittent fast DAY1 with coconut water

today im starting an alternate day fasting, well probably not really alternate... i will try to not eat as long as i can hold it and when i cannot anymore, i will eat BUT only one meal at midnight with only raw food... fruit would be better.

Yes i had a hard time before with my 7 days fast and told myself that i will not fast again, but after that i feel compelledto fast again.. I failedto mention that after my 7 days fast, after eating ..i felt really good, positive outlook which i think was a benefit of my fasting rather than the eating... so this is why i want to go fasting again but not really long periods....


did i mention im fasting with coconut water?! :)

" I dont have a soul...I AM A SOUL, I HAVE A BODY" by India.Arie :)

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