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IF and ulcer?

01 Aug 2013 20:34 #17852 by Buda
Buda created the topic: IF and ulcer?
Hey guys, I've been doing the 16/8 fasting since the start of May 2013. 2 weeks ago I was at work with a sharp stomach pain, and went home, taking pepto bismol, antacid tabs, and advil.
I normally break my fast at 12-1pm, and stop again at 7-8pm.

Coworkers said they think it was food poisoning that attributed the stomach pain.

Anywho, I went home and slept for hours after that initial incident. I was fine for about 4 days. During a MS Bike Tour (150km bike ride spread over 2 days, 75km each day) I started getting a periodic sharp pain under my rib cage, that I found was only when I was on an empty stomach, when I finished the ride, I went to town on the food, and felt much better. This same thing recurred on the second day of the ride, again, empty stomach, it hurt, when I ate, I felt better.

After I got home etc, the next morning, I found the pain was back, not as severe, but definitely discomforting. I went to a walk in clinic this past Monday, and the doctor believes it to be an ulcer, and gave me a months worth of pills, that I take one daily. I asked what she thought the cause of it to be, she said maybe an infection from the first incident. I am also avoiding alcohol, coffee (which i normally used in mornings until lunch), fried foods, citrus fruit etc.

I've been on the medication for 3 days now, and have not had the pains previously described. However, I am wondering if perhaps this caused from my IF lifestyle I have adopted. Though I have never had any issues with my stomach prior. Or maybe just a fluke.

Other than this recent ulcer, I am a healthy male, 28 years old, great shape (commute to work on bike, and go to gym 3x a week, with a fairly healthy low carb diet)

Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues, or if I should continue with IF or perhaps stop.

Thanks in advance.

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02 Aug 2013 20:41 #17860 by margoS
margoS replied the topic: IF and ulcer?
I would also like to know the answer to the ...Because one of my friends did fasting for 3 days and after that along time problem she has had with ulcer started again

And she has not experienced any of it in the past two yrs

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07 Aug 2013 08:24 #17899 by sviken0529
sviken0529 replied the topic: IF and ulcer?
I had ulcers when I was 21 and it seemed I was have really bad issues after my 21 day fast. I had not had issues before that. I am now on a 30 day fast and hope I am helping issue and not hurting it, but no problems on water fast and with only fruits and veggies.

I did not know if it was cause my diet however it hurt when eating meats, or cheesy dished. Caused me to be ill with back pain, stomach pain, and throwing up. Also would happen at night time.

I am hoping issues are being healed and break fast properly will make things right. I will also be adapting a 1 yr raw diet, doing my very best.

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11 Aug 2013 02:53 #17939 by Stu L
Stu L replied the topic: IF and ulcer?
I suffered from an ulcer, and my symptoms were pain an hour or two after eating, no pain with an empty stomach, I still have some problems, but if I do my normal one meal a day, late afternoon early evening I am okay, but if for social reasons I end up eating at different periods I have pain and acid reflux occasionally.
I am on a fast (7 days now) and I am hoping it will clear up digestion problems, it did last year when I fasted.

Regards Stu

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11 Aug 2013 23:56 #17954 by danielle
danielle replied the topic: IF and ulcer?
7 days is awesome! Way to go. Definitely keeping food out of your stomach will help your ulcer. I'm no doctor, but I've read a lot about fasting. I believe what happens is that when your body has no food, it feeds off itself. That's why acne and ulcers and things disappear. The body feeds off of it. Hope you continue to heal !

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