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Coconut water only diet /fast

13 Mar 2012 22:04 #10456 by mhaiyarn76
mhaiyarn76 created the topic: Coconut water only diet /fast
Hello, I'm trying to look for a way to detox myself but in a way that I know I will be able to stay on. I think that being on a coconut water diet will help me reach my goal of sticking to this kind o juice diet for 3 weeks. I'm curious if I will reach the stage of ketosis on coconut water only diet. No sugar is added. Just coconut water. :)

" I dont have a soul...I AM A SOUL, I HAVE A BODY" by India.Arie :)

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14 Mar 2012 04:24 #10457 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: Coconut water only diet /fast
I've read that coconut water is very close to blood plasma and can be used as a replacement for it if necessary. I personally don't like the flavor of it, but I'll bet it would work well. Do you think you will feel satisfied with it? I'd guess that you would go into ketosis because there is probably very little carbs. You would learn easily enough with ketostix. I think it sounds like a great regime. And probably more socially acceptable than fasting.

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