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60 Day Juice Fast

09 May 2012 10:57 - 09 May 2012 10:59 #10841 by b0x
b0x created the topic: 60 Day Juice Fast
So I don't really know what to say. This is my first fast. It is incredibly hard. I am on day two. The first day all I did was think about all the foods I could make. Day two has been a tad bit easier but it's also been really hard as well. All day just seems like it will not move on. Cool thing is I lost 7 pounds in one week. Not sure how much of it was the first day but I wen't from 322 to 315 so I'm happy. I am determined to get used to the juices. I naturally like fruits and vegetables anyways but it's the grainy pulp or the kind of slimy texture I am having a little trouble getting used to. I came here for a little bit of support and maybe if there aren't any other out there that are going through the same issues as me. Sorry if this first post is a little scatter brained. I do feel as if there is a slight fog over my brain allowing it to function

I will keep you posted for sure if people are interested.

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09 May 2012 20:01 #10842 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: 60 Day Juice Fast
Hey bOx, welcome and good luck with your juice fast. A juice fast is a great way to slow down the detox of your body so it's not so difficult. I don't have a juicer, so I can't currently do something like that. Do you have any juicing recipes? I think it is so important that you have juices that you love to help you get through. I know I was doing a raw food diet (not the same, but it fits) and the one day everything I made tasted yucky and I ended up eating cooked food just to take the nasty taste out of my mouth. If I were doing a juice fast, I'd make sure I had tons of oranges so I could have fresh squeezed OJ several times a day. There are different oranges that are better for juicing than others (I do have a citrus juicer so I have some experience with this!) When I buy oranges to eat, I usually love navals, but they are not very juicy. Temple oranges are great for juicing. Don't forget to roll each orange while pressing it with the palm of your hand. It makes it easier to juice.

I had a recipe for "green lemonade" that was a little bitter for me, but I think it was because the apples I bought had no flavor and I think the optional ginger should have been left out. I also added agave to it because it was yucky. But maybe you could tweak it and you'd like it:

a head of celery or kale
1-2 apples for sweetness (hence, my unfortunate yucky apples)
3-5 leaves romaine
1 organic lemon (mine wasn't organic) leave the skin on (I tried it both with peeling and without)
1" chunk or ginger (optional--beware!)

I think that was it. I also made mine in a high speed blender and then used a sieve to remove the pulp. Mine also had water, to blend. Add each item in the order written. It's supposed to be a great morning drink.

Anyway, best of luck with juicing. Please keep us informed. Oh, and if you are unable to do 60 days in one shot, consider doing some shorter fasts once per week to build up. I'm currently doing a 10 day water fast. I'm on day 2. Read my blog, if you get the chance. Keep posting, even if you aren't able to get to 60 days. It's a very understanding group here. Many of us try and start over many times. Also, read old blogs. Bestestbetsy has done a couple 21 or 30 day water fasts. I blogged my last 10 day water fast and that ended Feb 1 of this year. When you get the urge to quit, come back here and read for inspiration. Also, look up the topic "Zero Calorie Diet" for another alternative to a strict water fast.

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09 May 2012 22:47 #10848 by b0x
b0x replied the topic: Re: 60 Day Juice Fast
I'm just wondering how long my body is going to fight me and try to convince me to eat. I wake up every morning thinking about all the amazing breakfast foods and have to smack myself out of it. I literally feel in a cloud. I feel sluggish and really just feel like drinking water today.

Is that ok? I mean I will try to drink something but it just feels like that kind of day

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10 May 2012 16:48 #10849 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: 60 Day Juice Fast
I don't know how it works with juice fasting, since you don't get into ketosis. Ketosis is where your body switches over to burning fat. But with juice fasting, you're giving your body a break from digestion work as well as giving your self nutrients and enzymes. I would suggest that if you can, remove temptation from your house. Make sure you have only fruits and veggies around. I would imagine you could also blend nuts with water to make nut milk and still use it for a juice fast, although I recommend straining off the pulp to prevent digestive work. It might make you more satisfied. If you have a family or a partner who is not juicing with you, perhaps you could just keep your produce in one section of the kitchen or fridge, so you won't be tempted with food. Remember, these are just cravings, not hunger, since you are taking care of your hunger with juice. You have had many years of eating, it will take some time before your body realizes that the juice is all it's getting.

Question for you. What kind of juicer are you using, or do you recommend? I may be purchasing one.

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15 May 2012 18:52 #10868 by Sabrina
Sabrina replied the topic: Re: 60 Day Juice Fast
Hey Box,

I am happy for you that you are doing it. It's a great thing! And it feels great when you know you've accomplished a 30-day juice fast.

Just one suggestion. When I am on a juice fast, those days when I really want to eat ( usually the first few days) I drink a half a glass of celery juice straight up. For some reason only celery juice kills my cravings.

Good luck with the fast!

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