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Juicing instead of Water Fasting

31 May 2012 12:33 #10979 by Lisafast
Lisafast created the topic: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
Hey everyone. I'm on day 3 of my first ever juicing diet. I can't believe how wonderful it is working and how similar the experience is to water fasting with regards to weight loss, detox etc. I had never tried it before because, well first of all I didn't have a juicer. I bought a Black and Decker juicer based off of reviews on Amazon, but bought the juicer for only $29 at Walmart, 10 bucks cheaper than Amazon. It's a single serving juicer and the opening is pretty small so I have to do lots of cutting up to fit the food in there, but I can make a juice and quickly clean up the juicer in less than 5 minutes, including cutting fruits and veggies. I originally was planning to do 3 days of juice and switch to a water fast but I can't believe the results. I've lost 6 lbs in 2 days and my bloating in my belly has gone away. So I decided to stick to juicing for at least to complete 5 days, and then I'm going to eat raw foods only to complete the timing that I would have been on my 10 day water fast...June 1-10.

Does anyone have any good juice recipes, specifically good tasting combinations with fruit and veggies or just veggie juices? I want to make sure I'm getting enough nutrition on this diet so I know I need to throw some greens in there, but everything I have made has tasted yucky so far, except for fruit only combinations.

Also, how do I work making juices and bringing them to work while dealing with oxidation and the loss of nutrients. I can't bring my juicer to work, since we don't have a kitchen and the sinks we have are usually being used to wash color bowls. So I'd have to make my juice at home and bring it to work. Is it better to keep this juice at room temp or should it be refrigerated? Does anyone have any contraindications to drinking herbal teas with raw honey while juicing?

Thanks for any advice.

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02 Jun 2012 20:27 #11008 by Shant
Shant replied the topic: Re: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
When I want something tasty, I usually juice 2 Tomatoes, 1/2 cucumber, 2 stalks of celery, a bit of lemon juice, handful of fresh basil, garlic. To make it even tastier and nutritious, I'd blend it with 1/4 or 1/2 of avocado.

Normally, I just juice the greenest possible veggies on earth like spinach, cucumber, courgette, celery, brocolli plus herbs, garlic or ginger in any combination possible. It kills my super-appetite. If you add raw cauliflower and basil to any greens, it will make it more palatable. But I guess you'd curse me if you tried, so ignore this one.

Beetroot, carrot and lime.. Super energy drink.

I usually don't juice fruit but I love home made almond milk with coconut juice, masala spice, vanilla seeds and lemon zest (and stevia). Add some ice cubes and blend it. It will take longer to drink. Or imagine how it would taste with raspberry juice or strawberries.. Heavenly. By the way, coconut water is a great sports drink to replenish electrolytes.

IF i wasnt a freak, i would juice strawberries, blend it with cantaloupe and freeze it...

I gotta stop.. Salivating :).

Happy juicing

Have fun juicing.
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11 Jun 2012 17:47 #11061 by SailorMarieBliss
SailorMarieBliss replied the topic: Re: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
Hi Lisa,
I hope your juice feast went well! The initial results look so promising that I'm really curious as to how it played out for you? I know the site was down for a bit, & am so glad it's back up to some extent. Anyways, hope you've been well, & that we will hear from you when you next update!


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12 Jun 2012 13:06 #11079 by kelly22222
kelly22222 replied the topic: Re: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
Hi Lisa-how did it go? this may be a silly question, but is it possible to go into ketosis on a juice fast? or is that only possible with a water fast?

Yum, thanks for the recipes Shant! Those sound wonderful:)

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14 Jun 2012 13:50 #11092 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
Hey Shant, Thank you for that recipe. I'm going to make that up to take along to work today. Kelly, I think you can go into ketosis on juices if you stick with non starchy low carb veggies. But since I'm not trying to lose fat so much as reduce bloating and give my digestion a rest, I wasn't worried about that. My fast went very well and was a very nice transition into raw foods. I've been raw since I did my juice fast with only three foods on two separate days where I ate something cooked...I made a lentil stew that I used to love. Well, I still loved the flavor, but now that I've been eating raw, it was so obvious to me that it didn't digest well. It took around 36- 48 hours for it to fully digest and for the bloating and gassiness in my belly to go away. So I will probably be eliminating that from my diet.

I have been feeling really good on raw foods and for the most part, if I eat lots of juices and smoothies, I find that I eliminate several times per day and am able to maintain my weight and my flat belly. I find that I can over eat on nuts and dried foods and these seem to bind me up and then I go back to juicing for a day or half a day and get back to normal. That's one of the reasons I haven't been on fasting connection for a while, besides the usual business. I've been able to control my eating. Or at least eat and feel satisfied without having to fast.

I've been able to discover some delicious juicing combinations during my experiment, including a good green juice combo that I really like: simply apples blended with a few leaves of kale. I have had some not good experiences with trying my own combinations of veggies and spices and so far, I enjoy blended soup better than juiced veggies. I have a bunch of recipes to try from the book Clean by Alejandro Junger. An excellent book by the way. I've made two blended soups from his book using butternut squash that were delicious.

The way I've found to transport my juice to work is spaghetti sauce jars. They have been having a sale on Franchesco Rinaldy spaghetti sauces for $1 each and since my kids use a lot of spaghetti sauce, I've got a good supply. Carrying juice in jars is a good way to keep it fresh and keep it from spilling. Although the looks I get from my concoctions. Oh well, I fully admit I am weird...but I like who I am and am not going to change! Or should I say, I'm on a constant journey of change, but I'm not going to change something to please someone else. Going forward, I respect myself and my journey and I give myself the motivation.

Thanks,everyone for their support. And Shant, I will let you know how I made out with your recipe.
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14 Jun 2012 15:44 #11099 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
Shant, thanks for that recipe. It was delicious and I slurped the last drop. I added celtic sea salt and substituted oregano for the basil. I'm going to make up another batch and add the avocado to it this time to stretch it out. FINALLY a veggie recipe I like. Send me more!!!

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14 Jun 2012 17:37 #11103 by Shant
Shant replied the topic: Re: Juicing instead of Water Fasting
As for having juice ready in the jars.. get yourself some powdered vit. C (ascorbic acid) and add a tiny bit of it into juice. It will last a bit longer and will taste fresh. I noticed that this works better with juices that contain apples or carrots. Not juices of mine, unfortunately.

By the way, so worth of mentioning. It was such a coincidence that happened last night and I loved it! I had 1 tomato left in the fridge, ca. 3 last celery stalks, something you might want to call kale but it isn't kale in fact, fresh garlic and A BULB OF FENNEL (I used 1/3). It tasted so different and so good.. at least for me. My bf had a sip of it and stated it would be nicer a bit warm. Might be your new addition to soups, possibly? I say, go experiment with fennel :) and veggies you love.

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16 Jun 2012 02:30 #11121 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: 7 Day Juice Fast Saturday June 16 to Friday June 22
Hey everyone,
I'm starting a 7 day juice fast. As you may know, I've been doing quite a bit of water fasting and have accomplished a lot of what I want from the water fasting and don't really want to lose a bunch of weight, just maintenance of what I've achieved. So this is my second juice fast. My first one, I mainly used fruits and juiced a bunch of apples, grapes and oranges, with some greens thrown in. This time around, I'm going to try to concentrate on more vegetable based juices and experiment with some different recipes. If anyone has any recipes that I could try, please post them. I'd love your favorite veggie juice combinations as well as any tricks for transporting and keeping the juice fresh. I have a black and decker compact centrifugal juicer that really is only good to make maybe a quart of juice at a time before I have to wash it and start over. I sometimes have to put the pulp through a second time. I didn't want to spend a ton of money for a juicer unless I knew that I would be using it regularly. Now I am hooked, but I also need to save some money, so it will probably have to do for a while.

Tonight, I am making a liter of juice that I am going to freeze in a used water bottle. I've read that it will help keep the juice the freshest if you freeze it immediately after making it. Obviously, it's best to drink the juice right away, but since I can't bring my juicer to work, this will have to do.

My goal is to reduce some of the extra bloating that I am still finding on my nearly all raw diet. I also want to get my body used to more raw foods and to give the digestive system a rest and perhaps perform some detox as needed. I will also allow myself to have tea sweetened with raw honey. My goal is for me to enjoy these juices so I will probably put a little Celtic sea salt in the savory juices if needed for flavor. Once I get used to raw foods and juices, I will try to wean down from sea salt and honey if I feel any adverse reactions from them. I do not expect to go into ketosis from this fast, as I am using honey and fruits which have carbs in them. Also, I'm not trying to burn off fat, just tweak my eating a little bit and give my body lots of good nutrients. Mostly, I'll drink the juice freshly pressed except for what I'll bring to work with me.

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23 Jun 2012 15:15 #11199 by Shant
Shant replied the topic: Re: 7 Day Juice Fast Saturday June 16 to Friday June 22
Hey Lisa,

just came across these recipes:

and thought you might like to check them out.

Happy weekend!

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