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Side effects question

08 Jun 2012 06:37 #11028 by Jaae
Jaae created the topic: Side effects question
Hello! I'm quite new to juice fasting... Well I did a sort of test run the day before yesterday and had only juice and water. By the end of the day I was a little wobbly but otherwise fine. When I woke up, after probably the bet sleep of my life, I felt really energetic and great! I then had a little (1/4 c) bowl of oatmeal made with rice milk and a little honey... And about thirty minutes later felt like absolute crap. All day I was tired and just felt BLEH (which is how I usually feel). So I was wondering of this was normal? As in, feeling fantastic and then crappy as soon as I start eating. XD Or did I just eat too much or something? I want to try a 3 day juice fast an progress from there. My main goal is to help with weight loss (I'm 20, 5ft, 175lbs so you can see why), but also to feel better.

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08 Jun 2012 07:08 #11029 by david
david replied the topic: Re: Side effects question
Hello Jaae, It is hard to tell on such a short trial run, however even a short break from the normal eating habit can cause toxins to be mobilised in the blood. Even more so with a true fast which is water only. Juicing is not really considered fasting hence some people use the term juice feasting. It is often the case that if one is coming off of a water fast and does not transition gradually there is a downer effect at least that is what I and many others have experienced. Hope that helps

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