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Did it! Day 4 of Juice feast (with veg. soup...)

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10 Jun 2012 18:41 - 10 Jun 2012 18:43 #11053 by Adi
Adi created the topic: Did it! Day 4 of Juice feast (with veg. soup...)
I tried to do a ten day juice feast for at least a year now and every time, around day 3 or day 4, the food eaten by everyone else in the household just gets too nice to resist and eventually I cave. I finally decided the only way to get past day 4 is to actually check into somewhere and just get it done, without any bad temptations around. Not to mention that the cost of doing it will also definitely be a motivator to then stay on track for the remaining six days.

So, here I am, last night at the famous Stellenbosch Hydro. I had to convince them a bit at the beginning to allow me to drink juice only (they finally caught onto the fresh juicing thing, so at least they could provide it!) and I also took advantage of their lovely light soup that they do around 15h00 each afternoon. Not sure where that fits into a juice feast, but the bit of nutrition that exact time of the day, every day, became such a lovely (and social!) event, I already decided that it will become part of my juice/soup feast routine when I go home.

The good news is that I feel super and energised and my stomach is flatter! (Well, less round is perhaps a more accurate description) Lots of weight still to be lost but this was a fantastic start to the journey of getting back into shape. And my skin is glowing...amazing what happens when your body gets a chance to take a break from digesting heavy meals!

I am so thankful for this website. The Fast Doctor rocks! :) If it wasn't for the fact that I needed to be close to home in case of a toddler emergency (I have a 2-year old at home who I have never left for a night!) I would have gone to the Hoogland hydro. Next time.

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