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Your favorite Juices

03 Apr 2011 23:58 #6524 by cory
cory created the topic: Your favorite Juices
Hi as I plan on doing a week juice fast/fest at the end of my fast I was wondering what is everyone's favorite juices and do you do mix them or just have a single fruit/veg?

I personally tried and liked watermelon/carrot/apple and orange juices but not much in favor of grapefruit too bitter for my liking. I was thinking of trying raisin juice but as I am fasting cannot right now.

Just to add does anyone also add any herbs to there juice as well like ginger or cinnamon?

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04 Apr 2011 01:11 #6527 by Milena
Milena replied the topic: Re: Your favorite Juices
I subscribe to the school of simplicity. Therefor, I will be drinking plain juice. Not sure which one yet...:)

May the Energy you free from digesting serves your Body and Spirit well!

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