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Detox... when?

05 Aug 2011 00:10 #8802 by Christian144
Christian144 created the topic: Detox... when?
Dear Fasting Friends,

I have heard that "water fasting", for most, complete detox, is about 24-30 days.
And that "dry fasting" if done, (through the guiding professional help of experienced dry faster's) detox is 10 days..

I've done water every which way, and dry fasting too.. Can't make it on these fast's more then 2 days, without, excessive vomiting, extreme nausea, and sever weakness, to the point of near fainting. Tried, pills, drinks, so many things, to give me the needed push.. So I have tried, juice fasting, (with a 1 day dry fast, every other day, since I can handle 1 day of dry..) I am almost at day 4, doing this, with no major problems. FINALLY> :) Matter of fact, it is at times, very enjoyable, instead of scary.

The reason I am sharing this, is I have mental illness, and heard of cases of people being cured on water and dry fasting...but when I google, I can find no relevant info on how long, it takes to detox, (as in having the "tell tell" sign's of recovery and inner cleanness - clear eyes, pink tongue, sharp mind, disease gone, optimal health restored, abundant energy, etc.)

Any insight into, the standard detox time period, it takes on juice fasting would be greatly appreciated. Also, anything on info, testimonial's, on mental illness in connection to juice fasting would be a God sent.

THANKS!!! :cheer:


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09 Aug 2011 20:12 #8867 by Christian144
Christian144 replied the topic: Re: Detox... when?
Broke the juice/dry intermediate fast yesterday. It started out good, and had no serious "usual" issues as sever vomiting, nausea, :sick: etc, but I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend this fasting method, of dry day, then juice day, back and forth.. Causes, guess, with the sugar spike on juice day, then on dry day, sugar plummet, sever depression. :( For me it got worse, each consecutive, dry/juice period. ALSO, all this juice, then dry, causes, extreme diarrhea, which actually got scary, the final day I did this. SO NO. This is not a good thing to do...

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