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Coming out of 3 day fast, rough felings...

31 Aug 2011 02:37 #9064 by TMan2
TMan2 created the topic: Coming out of 3 day fast, rough felings...
Hi, i wonder if anyone would be able to give some advice.
I've recently finished my first 3 day fast. I basically followed the instructions here

I decided to do this fast as I've had the symptoms of IBS since returning back from a long trip to India. I've tested negative for parasites.

During the fast, I experienced the highs and lows I'd read about, the fatigue and mild depression, but also an insight as to how the digestion system reflects the thoughts and dealing with the past.

This morning, I indulged in what I'd been craving for 3 days, a peanut butter sandwich. I also had some dried fruit and a cereal bar. I continued to much on the dried fruit throughout the day, and for lunch had miso soup with crackers and cheese. Not alot I thought.
My stomach then began to ache, and the mild depression came back.

I felt exhausted and fell asleep. On waking I felt terrible right up to dinner.
In the evening I ate a small amount of brown rice with boiled carrots and beans. 2 hours later, I feel better and the stomach ache has mostly subsided. However, I am not experiencing the 'high' that I was expecting to feel post fast. In fact, the bad feelings today were the worst of the entire fasting experience.

Tomorrow, I will start the day with a fruit and veg smoothie, for lunch a raw salad and the same small dinner as today. Will probably do that the next day as well.

Any suggestions and insights would be greatly appreciated.

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31 Aug 2011 03:29 #9066 by Esmée La Fleur
Esmée La Fleur replied the topic: Re: Coming out of 3 day fast, rough felings...
I would recommend that you look into proper food combining. Bread, dried fruit, and peanut butter is a horrible combination, and dried fruit is very dehydrating unless it is soaked or cooked in water before eating. Get the book Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gate (available in Bookshop here I believe). She has a great chart which explains this. Her book is important for you for many other reasons also. You probably have intestinal dysbiosis, and her book can help you to get your good bacteria back in balance. A corner stone of her program is fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut (raw). When exiting a fast, it is best to do it with fresh raw vegetable juices and fresh raw juicy fruits to help clear all of the toxins out of your intestines.

Also, just because you tested negative for parasites does not mean that you do not have them. I went to India in 1987 and picked up Old World hookworm which went undiagnosed for 18 years and very nearly killed me. You can read my story here:

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