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My Experiences and Questions

09 Feb 2012 00:48 #9878 by Ben Rogers
Ben Rogers created the topic: My Experiences and Questions
I've been posting my experiences on my juice fast since January 9th at the following location:

I have a question concerning my bowel movements. I have been eating only juice for the last 10 days. Mind you, there is some pulp that gets into the juice, but not much. I've also had one day where I ate nothing for 24 hours.

Yet, last night, right after I'd had my evening juice, I had an urge for a bowel movement -- and it took me off-guard. I was expecting fluid or perhaps some mushy material. No. I had a 5" long, hard chunk of solid material. It didn't look like it was composed of multiple meals (as have previous solid chunks) and there were a couple round balls about the size of a shooter marble, along with some fluid.

(Apologies if this disturbs your sensibilities to discuss one's stool in such a public fashion...)

I'm curious if this could be metabolized fat? Or the toxins contained in the fat as it matabolized?

My previous bowel movement was on Sunday night and was typical of a juice-diet--mushy.

Prior to that, I had a small movement on Thursday, which was composed of some firm (not hard) and some mushy--with the firmer element clearly made up of many different meals.

I would appreciate any input--and feel free to visit my blog and talk to me there, as well.

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