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Cheat meal?

19 Jan 2014 16:04 #19635 by kaypeeoh
kaypeeoh created the topic: Cheat meal?
I posted last week under 'Constipation and Fasting'. I spent all day exercising in the gym and was in ketosis the next morning. Medical urinalysis strips showed I was in ketosis for the entire week. Yesterday I had my first BM since starting the fast. :cheer:

I've read about cheat meals being effective in enhancing ketosis. Sounds counter productive. But since having a normal 'event' with no use of stool softeners or narcotics for the week I figured I needed a reward. Hence the cheat meal, probably 2000 calories. Not a misprint. 2000 calories.

So my plan is to repeat the week. Starting with 5 hours in the gym, hopefully burning off the 2000 calories and putting me back in ketosis, exactly as I started last week.

In the distant past I weighed over 220 pounds. I think that's 132kg. I got a jump-start on weight loss when a horse kicked me in the face, shattering my jaw. It couldn't be fixed surgically so my jaw was wired shut for 8 weeks. I lived on liquids, mainly yogurt stirred into orange juice. I weighed 160 pounds when the wires were removed. I took up running to help prevent regaining weight. That was 25 years ago and I've done over 80 marathons since then. I don't use a scale anymore but from my belt I can 'guestimate' I'm somewhere between 175 and 180 pounds now. I've done fasts from 2-4 weeks in the past. I found I can handle fasting more easily than 'eating sensibly'. I gain weight every time I have a running injury; Last year I tore both Achilles tendons. I still can't run but get a cardiac workout using a stationary bike or elliptical trainer and heart rate monitor. That plus weights plus steam room is how I got into ketosis last week.

So this week I find out whether the cheat meal helped or hurt my progress. If anyone has read this far and has experience with the cheat meal business, please let me know.



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19 Jan 2014 17:05 #19639 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Cheat meal?
This is an excellent response Kay.. and burning off a cheat is a gr8 idea. No 220 pounds is about exactly 100 kilograms. And please, if a "cheat meal" is not too rich in protein it could even help the process along... by stimuating more ketosis, provided it contained some fat.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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19 Jan 2014 17:14 - 19 Jan 2014 17:19 #19641 by kaypeeoh
kaypeeoh replied the topic: Cheat meal?
Thank you Dr K. I worried the week-long ketosis could lower my blood proteins like albumin. A cheat meal could 'sort of' recharge the blood? The 2000 calories were a blend of carb and fat and a little protein. Maybe TMI but I just had a second BM. Not as 'voluminous' as yesterday's but decent nonetheless.

It's a balmy 30 degrees and sunny outside so I'm heading to the track. :-)


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20 Jan 2014 18:22 #19661 by kaypeeoh
kaypeeoh replied the topic: Cheat meal?
So the cheat meal was on Saturday. Then Sunday I spent all day at the track and gym and an hour in the steam room. The idea was to use up all the carbohydrates leaving me with nothing but ketones for energy. This morning I checked urine: pH 5 SpGr 1.020 and ketones merely a trace. So although just a trace was registered I drank enough fluid during the day that a trace is significant. 1.020 is normal dilute fluid. If it were SpGr 1.035 and trace ketones that might mean very little ketosis.

Bottom line is 2000 calories may have too much for the cheat meal. That said, today I feel like I've got now blood sugar; slight headache, dull throb in my chest hands a bit shaky. If so, ketosis should increase during the day.


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