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Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods

07 Dec 2009 07:34 #4193 by mamaducky
mamaducky created the topic: Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods
I've been experimenting with intermittent fasting for about the last 6 months. Usually for a duration of 1-4 days off and on with days of eating. Now I've been experimenting with combining that and eating once a day within a window of 1-4 hours. I also throw in some days where I eat several times a day just to mix things up.

I have read on here that it is good to eat a fatty meal before fasting. I have been doing this on my longer fasts of a few days but wonder if this is beneficial on the days when I only eat once as I have usually done a longer fast within a week of that time. Usually on the days when I eat once, I end up eating a regular meal within an hour or two and then I wait 2-3 hours and consume some fatty food before going into fasting again for the day and then eating again the next night. So I wonder if eating that fatty meal on the days when I eat once is of benefit or not, or just for the times when I am doing a longer fast.

I am starting a longer fast of hopefully 14 days tomorrow and expect to continue with the intermittent fasting and one-meal-a-day combo after that, so I want to be sure I am getting the most benefit out of what I am doing.

Intermittent fasting has given me a lot of the same benefits that two of my longer fasts of 21 days gave me. I am able to eat much less food and it really has had the effect of resetting my taste buds. I have had to go to dinner at a couple of friends' houses in the last few weeks and it was amazing to me how salty, sugary and heavy everything tasted. I was only able to eat a few bites before my taste buds felt overwhelmed.

Also fasting during the day and eating one meal at night has made me feel great. I don't feel lethargic during the day like I used to when I would try to consume breakfast, lunch and two snacks before dinner. I now have a really good dinner at night and I also benefit from the relaxing effects of eating during a time when that relaxation is most beneficial to me. In the past I would often have to take a nap in the afternoon after lunch. I don't have to do that any more. Eating only once also forces me to plan both a highly nutritious and tasty meal and not just whatever might be around.

I also have to say that I much prefer active fasting to passive fasting. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much better it makes me feel. I wish I had known about it while on my two longer fasts of 21 days.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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07 Dec 2009 14:34 #4194 by phoenix
phoenix replied the topic: Re:Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods
i am in the same predicament. i basically would like to fast at least three times a week. i have been doing 3 day fasts for the past month. i've been trying to get it right and now, after reading the book 'health won' i get it. BUT i don't know what i should do if I would like to fast more than 30 hours a week for weeks on end. like say i fast 48-80 hours in a row? and what if I just fast 24 hours and then one meal, as in the case of ' mamaducky '? I have been doing a bit of that too. i have found it hard to find a food that is not high in carbs or protein, but fatty ( didnt fancy straight up butter or oil ). but today i decided on fruit and then a couple of table spoons or raw organic coconut oil. it's more palatable and good fats. so my meal was, water melon, cherries. then celery, apple and ginger juice. then i had a little miso soup and some chai tea (soya milk and honey ). Then a couple of spoons of the oil a few hours later. I'm going to fast three more days and then just try having fruit, veggie soup, and the coconut oil. and that's it. then see if i can fast for 7-10 days, then do a proper slower break and fast again on boxing day for another cycle (shorter fasting, 30-80 hours and diet exactly as per the book.)

dr, advice would be great on this, the poster mamaducky has posed similar line of question as what i emailed you about.

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  • Nemospeciale
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07 Dec 2009 18:43 #4195 by Nemospeciale
Nemospeciale replied the topic: Re:Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods
I've been doing the 22/2 program for about a year now, too. (22 hours of fasting w/2 hour window of eating... usually at 6-8pm) And I am also on the "active" side of the fasting spectrum... some might say on the extreme edge of active... ha! And I agree with you 100%. I'm getting the same benefits reported from people on long, long passive fasts, except my style of fasting suits my personality and lifestyle more so than lying around in a fasting coma. ;-)
I've also read Dr. K's HEALTH WON a few times and think it is an excellent text. It is a shame you guys/gals missed being here about 6-8 months ago. There were quite a few excellent active fasters in here regularly and the progress people were reporting was truly inspiring. If there was one thing I learned from those folks it was your exercise and detox program is just as important as your fasting. There's a way to exercise that helps you burn up your glucose/glycogen stores when you are out of ketosis. (Intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise) With this method I can lie around and eat like a pig and never be more than 18 hours away from the ataraxic bliss of fasting ketosis.
And then there's a way to exercise when in ketosis that enhances the processes and effects of that state. (Something I learned was called LISS... low-intensity steady state aerobics) I wish Dr. Kruger would write a sequel to his text and include some of the science behind these exercise strategies because when intermittent fasting is combined with an intelligent exercise regimen, the results are spectacular. I'm not there yet, but I am committed to active fasting my way to ideal health and getting off this poison (my medicine acetazolamide) forever. Good luck and keep up the great work! -jim :)

P.S. Have either of you looked up the Fast Five diet group? They have a lot of great people over there who are very knowledgeable about intermittent fasting. They are also really friendly and willing to share their experiences and advice. I love those guys! :)

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28 Dec 2009 01:13 #4215 by replied the topic: Re:Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods
Recently I have "fast block" :( I just cant seem to get my fast past day two. Ive thought this through a lot, and decided that I want to do intermediate fasting, because I do want some benefits if I cant have all.
Ive done this in the past and it really worked for me, eg I just have one meal a day and that is in the evening. This would be the same as the 22/2 of Nemospeciale.

Dr K has mentioned somewhere (if I remember correct) that it takes 24 hours for a fast to start, and to see any benefits. With the active fasting the transition to the fasting state would be faster, but I cant see myself going for a run every day after dinner.

My plan is once I am settled in the routine again, to skip one meal a week eg fast for 48 hours (or have only six meals a week) which would have the benefit of one weekly fast.
My question is: how much would one meal a day throw you out of the fast again, and how fast can your body get back into the fasting state? Does that mean by having one meal a day it wont have any fasting benefits during the week, even though you dont have any food for 22 hours?

**Just a note - I first stumbled on the concept when I were about 9. This guy married my aunt and he ate only one meal a day - at 5pm every day, he would sometimes have a fruit during the day as well -
I understood from him that he started with this in his early twenties - and as far as I can remember he was always healthy, never overweight, and never sick. Sadly he passed away about 5 years ago(think he was around his seventies)
It always stayed with me, and it gave me personal proof that it is doable to permanently have just one meal a day. I think this is why I keep going back to it - It is just hard social wise, and I guess thats why I can never stay on it.

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28 Dec 2009 19:47 #4216 by mamaducky
mamaducky replied the topic: Re:Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods
I agree that intermittent fasting can be a great alternative when you cannot do longer fasts. I too have known people who eat once a day and seem perfectly fit and healthy.

I personally don't do just 1 meal a day everyday. I try to combine it with longer fasts of 1-4 days (sometimes 5) which I hope helps with ketosis on the days when I only eat once since I am fasting for more than 24 hours at least once a week. I also like to throw in a day or two once in a while where I eat several times a day to keep my body guessing. I don't think you have to stick to the one-meal-a-day thing so strictly everyday. My fiance's mom likes to go to lunch once a month, so I do an extra meal on that day or make sure I am not fasting. You can adhere to your schedule most of the time, and then make an exception here and there if you need too. I think this makes it easier to stick to since you are not completely missing out on the social aspect of food, which I think is important too.

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29 Dec 2009 03:27 #4217 by replied the topic: Re:Intermittent fasting and consuming fatty foods
It sounds like you have a great way of doing intermediate fasting. My initial plan is to get settled first with the one meal a day, before I start to shift around days. I think it would also be easier for my to do a longer fast once I am used to that.

As for the social part, the occasional lunch is not really a problem for me, I were thinking more like at my work. We have at least once a week something to eat at teatime, sometimes more than once a week. I can stay in my office (even if they specifically come and tell me there is "munchies") or go and sit with the group with round eyes, and a tight yaw ... :laugh:

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