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mono diet (banana)

19 Apr 2012 02:27 #10733 by mhaiyarn76
mhaiyarn76 created the topic: mono diet (banana)
Im thinking of doing a bananan mono diet for a month or two... reason for this. I want to be on a raw diet to cleanse myself and lose weight.why just banana? i wantit simple so im planning to eat only 3-5 bananas a day. I dont work out, but i do work for 12 hours 3 times a week.

what is the benefit of doing this? will i achieve the cleansing benefits such as mental clarity, increase awareness, etc.? will i lose weight?

what are good fruits for mono diet?

" I dont have a soul...I AM A SOUL, I HAVE A BODY" by India.Arie :)

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19 Apr 2012 05:43 #10734 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re: mono diet (banana)
A mono diet, dear mhaiarn, is likely the second best after a fast. Our natural diet was typically mono: Each food was consumed in season. Thus the most ideal is to use a food that grows in your area at the time: It is adapted to the climatic zone and the season. But this is splitting hairs.

Whether you will lose weight depends entirely upon the energy balance. If you eat less energy that what you use, you will lose weight. However, if you are quite active, you might not show so much on the scale, as some fat is converted into muscle.

"Good fruits" have been debated. We use papaya a lot as it is practically pre-digested by its own enzymes. The "Grape cure" is famous. But your biofeedback is the gold standard.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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21 Apr 2012 15:02 - 21 Apr 2012 15:04 #10749 by Mystic
Mystic replied the topic: Re: mono diet (banana)
Grapes are excellent , so are bananas. Good luck, let us know how it goes.

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15 Jul 2014 20:06 - 15 Jul 2014 22:00 #22725 by david
david replied the topic: Re: mono diet (banana)
Mhaiyarm on the topic of bananas and mono dieting I recently came across resistant starch and bananas are supposed to be one of the best forms of resistant starch. The idea is that it does not get digested in the small intestine but ferments in the colon where the by product (bacteria waste) of the fermentation has many health benefits as well as a potent source of energy.

Livestrong does a better job of explaining it:

"The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics defines resistant starch as a starch that escapes digestion in the small intestine and enters the colon unaltered. This is what makes resistant starch beneficial to your health. Upon entering the colon, resistant starch is fermented, which aids in a range of health benefits, from reducing diarrhea symptoms to increasing uptake of calcium and other minerals according to the academy."

"What are the benefits of resistant starch?

It seems that the more it is studied, the more positive effects are being found. Many of these are common to oligosaccharides and fermentable fiber. We will discuss fermentable fiber more in Part 5 of this series. Here are some of the benefits of resistant starch:
Resistant starch is especially associted with one type of SCFA, called butyrate, which is protective of colon cells and associated with less genetic damage (which can lead to cancer). Butyrate also protects the cells in other ways. This is one of the real strengths of resistant starch over oligosaccharides and soluble fiber. Their fermentation does produce butyrate, but not at the levels of resistant starch.
As with other fermentable fiber, resistant starch is associated with more mineral absorption, especially calcium and magnesium.
Perhaps most exciting for people with sugar issues, resistant starch seems to improve insulin sensitivity. In the so-called "second meal effect", fermentable fiber and resistant starch are associated with improved glucose tolerance the next day. There is evidence that this is caused by the presense of the short chain fatty acids, and by a peptide produced in the fermentation process.
Resistant starch produces more satiety, possibly partly through the release of a different peptide (PYY).
Resistant starch consumption is associated with lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
Promotes "good" bacteria, and supresses "bad" bacteria and their toxic products.
Promotes bowel regularity.
Resistant starch in a meal is associated with less fat storage after that meal."


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16 Jul 2014 19:47 #22742 by mhaiyarn76
mhaiyarn76 replied the topic: Re: mono diet (banana)
Thank you David... very interesting! :)

" I dont have a soul...I AM A SOUL, I HAVE A BODY" by India.Arie :)

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