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Spot reducing bodyfat

15 Mar 2013 11:00 #15753 by dboxing
dboxing created the topic: Spot reducing bodyfat
Fast Doctor,

In reading through the FAQ, I noted the theory that while the body is catabolic it will mobilize fat from areas where blood flow is maximized. I understand that this could be done via heat to the desired area. As someone who has been involved in athletics/training at a fairly elite level, I had prior understood that it is not possible to “spot reduce”. This appears contrary to that and, if possible, is certainly welcome. Would you therefore recommend a neoprene sleeve to be worn around the waist/belly during catabolic periods? Have you seen result from this and/or similar which would indicate that it is in fact possible to “spot reduce”?

The following user(s) said Thank You: Shant, Aire

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16 Mar 2013 06:07 #15761 by Aire
Aire replied the topic: Spot reducing bodyfat
Dboxing, I was thinking the same thing!
I am also interested in something else. Somewhere on the forum Doctor wrote that if we massage fat areas while anabolic, we might just spread fat in some other area and do no good.
So, I was going to ask him- is it possible that way to spot reduce fat by doing that on purpose? For example, if one poorly loses fat from his upper thighs, by spreading it on to areas where he loses more efficiently (massaging while anabolic) and them massaging too those new areas while catabolic, is it possible actually to have control over how and where you lose?
It's probably silly idea, but just wondering :).

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