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Day 5 of water fast - some problems

25 Apr 2013 00:16 #16287 by Annie1960
Annie1960 created the topic: Day 5 of water fast - some problems
Hi Dr. Andre. I'm at the end of my fifth day of a water fast that will probably last somewhere between 14 and 21 days (as per your advice, I'll listen to my body). Today was a rough day. I did not sleep at all last night. Partly because of the dreaded faster's insomnia, but also because my hips ache tremendously, especially when lying down. The only relief I'm finding is to walk around the apartment, or soak in a hot tub, but that isn't very conducive to getting sleep. My hips do not normally bother me, so it seems apparent that it's related to the fast. Also, this morning after taking my dog on a walk around the block (during a warm Florida day), I passed out. The short walk was more than I could handle. I was weak and shaky and was fortunate to have made it back home before passing out cuz surely a good samaritan would have called an ambulance and that would have been a disaster. I really wanted to follow your advice about activity, etc., but I can't imagine putting any stress on my system without fainting. This morning I also had heart palpitations. Is it normal to be so enervated during a fast? Though I should say after the fainting episode I recovered and the rest of day I felt quite stable. My layman's logic wonders if I'm so devoid of energy because I've overused coffee for so long that my adrenals are 'burned out', and now in the absence of any stimulation I simply have no oomph. Would love to hear your wisdom on the matter.

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25 Apr 2013 08:06 #16296 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Day 5 of water fast - some problems
Unfortunately, dear Annie, we have often encountered this lower back/hip pain in the first few days of a fast. In all honesty, although I can put forward a few theories, I have seldom been able to fully explain it. In some cases it is due to the rapid tone-up of the abdominal wall which straightens the lower back and thus put tension on the posterior ligaments.

Exercise is an integral part of the (5-step) elimination cycle but it does have to be adapted to just how you feel and what you feel up to at that time. For one person, getting out of a chair may be all that the dynamic phase consist of, whereas another person, or the same person at another time, can run a marathon as this step.

Palpitations often occurs due to toxins coming out of the fat, but also due to adrenalin which you make when blood sugar drops. Incidentally, adrenalin causes fat breakdown.

Caffeine withdrawal is very likely a large part of what contributed to your faint and indeed such withdrawal can leave you out of energy for up to 3 weeks. That's why I haven't consciously exposed myself to caffeine for more than 3 decades.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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