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Dry mouth and sinuses

17 Dec 2013 18:23 - 17 Dec 2013 18:24 #19103 by MarcM
MarcM created the topic: Dry mouth and sinuses
I did a quick search of the site and could not find mention of this so I hope you have some insights on this.

I'm on Day 17 of a water fast. I feel well and and able to do the elimination cycles regularly.
Yesterday I work up with a very dry mouth and sinuses. Its continued since then. Granted its dry and winter here, but my mouth and sinuses are unusually dry. I've been drinking plenty of water and watched the the color of my urine to make sure its not too dark or clear. Any idea what could casue this?
best regards,

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17 Dec 2013 21:17 - 17 Dec 2013 21:17 #19105 by Ockeghem
Ockeghem replied the topic: Dry mouth and sinuses

Great work! This is beginning to look like the 'big one' for you. :)

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18 Dec 2013 01:58 #19108 by danielle
danielle replied the topic: Dry mouth and sinuses

Are you still on coffee? If not, the change could be an adjustment to that, or be caused by the coffee. Haven't gotten that far, so don't know. I do know that once my mucous clears, I feel a bit dry at first. Hope doc figures it out!


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19 Dec 2013 10:49 #19121 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Dry mouth and sinuses
Sometimes, dear Marc, having too much water actually causes a dry mouth and sinuses. It's not water that moisturizes these organs, it is mucus.. a bit of water with a lot of protein and other substances. Too much water can actually eliminate too much of these substances and contribute to a "dry" feel.

I use a steam room to help moisturize the sinuses and throat without having to dilute the blood. You can steam by simply having a long warm shower or bath, the latter with your nose just above the water surface. Sometimes a bit of aromatic oils in the steam/water also helps.

But the entire experience may also simply be an elimination process, where the toxins so eliminated causes the sensation. If the urine is not very concentrated then you are not dehydrated. Do note that many modern urine dipsticks can actually measure the SG (Specific gravity, concentration) of the urine.. visual inspection can sometimes be misleading.

Danielle is of course as always quite correct.. caffeine is a diuretic.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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28 Dec 2013 19:09 #19253 by Lux
Lux replied the topic: Dry mouth and sinuses
I agree with TheFastDoctor, caffeine is definitely a diuretic and a stimulant your body would be much better without. If you are truly addicted to caffeine it can be a real battle getting off of it, but one well worth fighting. Learn the many wonderful benefits of some of the red teas. They have many health promoting micronutrients with none of caffeine.

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