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Another health measure

21 Feb 2014 15:48 #20461 by kaypeeoh
kaypeeoh created the topic: Another health measure
Body weight is what everyone know about. Then there's BMI that can be argued endlessly. This is a metric I read about years ago and I'm not sure I'm remembering it correctly. But here it is.

The body has superficial subcutaneous (sq) fat that you can see in the mirror and measure with a skin fold caliper. But the body also has deep internal fat which is considered much more dangerous than sq fat. If I use a measuring tape I can measure my midline at the navel. Then measure again while laying flat on the floor.

When standing, gravity is pulling the internal fat downwards while not affecting the sq fat appreciably. While laying flat on the ground the internal fat sort of spreads out everywhere in the abdomen. If the standing measurement is a lot less than the laying flat measurement then there's significant internal fat. If there's little or no difference between the two it suggests little internal fat.

I tried it myself years ago during marathon training and think I remember the two figures being the same number, something like 30 inches each. 76cm :-)

The deep internal fat surrounds intestines and also is stored in the omentum, a broad, thin sheet that holds the blood vessels feeding the intestine and colon. It's very mobile which allows it to sink while a person is standing and allows it to spread out when the person is laying flat.


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11 Mar 2014 14:28 #20893 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Another health measure
That is really interesting Kaypeeoh. I've never heard of measuring your abdomen standing and lying down. My waist at the naval was 30" standing but 29" lying down. But perhaps it could be that I didn't get the measurement in the same place. Unfortunately, my belly fat is more below the naval. Hopefully with my alternate day fasting I'll reduce some of that. I'll have to try it again lying on the floor instead of the bed. I just repeated the measurements and again, my waist was slimmer lying down. Come to think of it, isn't it easier to button tight jeans lying down? I guess everyone is different. What do you think?

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11 Mar 2014 15:44 - 11 Mar 2014 15:46 #20895 by kaypeeoh
kaypeeoh replied the topic: Another health measure
It could be something that works for men but not women. Men being apple-shaped while women are pear-shaped. You may need a skin fold caliper. I had one but my wife broke it. She says it was an accident. :-) I doubt one inch is significant.


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