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couple of questions...

13 Aug 2014 23:41 #23022 by Dolland
Dolland created the topic: couple of questions...

I've read through the health-won ton book and a lot of the website but still had a couple questions about fasting.

1.Dr Andre recommends a fatty meal, before commencing a fast. Could you maybe give an example or a couple examples of this type of meal? Like do we want like fat piece of meat? A spoonful of olive oil?

2.I've read that the duration of the "five step elimination" should be controlled by biofeedback. Is that just "oh I feel like exercising" I should begin. What kind of feedbacks are we looking for to move from one stage to the next, just an urge to move on?

3.Currently I'm on Humira for Crohn's. I'm wondering if you have any comments about short or long term fasting with Humira. Staying on or stopping etc...


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14 Aug 2014 11:17 #23025 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: couple of questions...
Dear Dolland, welcome with your first post!

1. For non vegetarians indeed a piece of fat is ideal. It starts the fat digestion process which can then be carried forward into your fasting period. Otherwise, dairy protein such as cream or butter works well, although egg yolk is likely best as it has a very high cholesterol content, thus triggering the digestion/metabolism of cholesterol during the fast. If vegan, any plant oil works.

2. Biofeedback is indeed the ideal indicator to "move on". For example, you exercise until you have a fast heartbeat and are out of breath... you sweat until you feel too warm and you cool down until you feel cool..

3. You can continue Humira during the fast and, until such time as the disease is under control, take it as prescribed. You will get biofeedback as to when you no longer need this... but rather have the Humira than have an attack of colitis!


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.
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14 Aug 2014 16:36 #23029 by Dolland
Dolland replied the topic: couple of questions...
great thanks!

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11 Dec 2014 04:51 #24271 by Dolland
Dolland replied the topic: couple of questions...
Thanks for responding to my previous questions, couple more.

So I started doing a 1 day fast with the elimination cycle. I was surprised after the fast, I noticed my stools for the really the first time in 6 years had a really dark tint, compared to my standard very pale stools. It also created a really stinky flatulence. I assume this is due to bile flow, which was blocked before, due to some type of toxin? I also felt much better anxiety wise with these dark stools, and noticed my sweat wouldn't stink nearly as much if at all.

I've done this a couple time with the 1 day fast.

I can usually stay in this bile producing stage for a couple of days, but the problem I run into is after eating a heavy protein meal, my body seems to get a quick bout of diarrhoea and then returns to the pale stool phase.

question 1. Wondering if you could comment on this.

question 2. I also tried a three day fast my body doesn't seem to like it. I was doing elimination cycle the entire time so I don't think it's due to toxins. My weight really dropped fast, and it took a while to regain it. It left me pretty weak for a couple of weeks and left me with some weird mental feelings for the couple of weeks. Would I need to get some blood tests to figure out what's going on? I'm not really sure what's going on.

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15 Dec 2014 07:55 #24289 by david
david replied the topic: couple of questions...
Hi Dolland, only a conjecture on your last question. If you altered your habitual gut flora it could have had those effects on you and taken a while to get back to normal again. New studies demonstrate a link between mind and gut flora.

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