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Dealing with Dizziness

29 Sep 2014 06:42 #23441 by Kitpick
Kitpick created the topic: Dealing with Dizziness
Im at the start of day 7, and how dizzy I get, is almost unbearable. I expected to have this to a degree. And I thought getting up slow and taking my time would help. But it doesnt. I tried taking 30mins a few times to get to a stand, but I end up dropping to my knees feeling faint moments later.

Is this just something I have to wait out? I refuse to quit, after coming this far, but I cant even stand for more than 3mins without needing a rest.

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29 Sep 2014 13:33 #23443 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Dealing with Dizziness
First a question dear Kit: How many cycles of detoxification do you do per day during the fast? After all, you should expect side effects if you mobilise toxins (fasting) without eliminating them... See the 5 steps as explained on this site.


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