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Fasting and arthritis

21 Oct 2014 00:42 #23789 by Breadandwine
Breadandwine created the topic: Fasting and arthritis
Good evening, doctor!

Often, when there's not a lot on the box and I have time to kill, I google the word 'Fasting' followed by a condition, or an activity or somesuch.

I saw my GP last week for something minor and I just happened to mention that my arthritis had been in abeyance for several years. It was just a throwaway remark along with all the other subjects we'd been discussing.

But later I began to think about this, and realised that my arthritis, which had steadily been getting ever so slightly - but significantly - worse, up until I gave up meat and dairy foods and became a vegan. Since then, while there has been no real improvement in my condition (apart from the amelioration of pain I gained from acupuncture), it hasn't deteriorated in the slightest. In fact, apart from the swelling in most of the joints of my fingers, it would be difficult to tell I had arthritis at all!

So I googled 'Fasting and arthritis', and found this article

which more or less explains why my arthritis has been stable for the past ten or so years. And why fasting as well as a plant-based diet is beneficial.

It seems to make perfect sense to me - but I'm aware I tend to believe everything I read, and I thought a cooler head than mine would give it a more critical appraisal; so I would appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks for your time.

Best wishes, Paul

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21 Oct 2014 07:26 #23799 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Fasting and arthritis
Indeed it makes perfect sense dear Paul.. the same thing we've been preaching on this site for many years. If you don't eat collagen or cartilage, your body will not need to digest (attack, destroy) collagen and cartilage, thus it cannot cross-react with your own. Also, regular fasting allows any "gaps" in your gut lining to close up so that you no longer absorb antigens (proteins) that could trigger the immune system (in particular, auto-immunity).


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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