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Dry fasting and loose stools.

19 Nov 2014 10:47 #24056 by JourneyEmbarking
JourneyEmbarking created the topic: Dry fasting and loose stools.
Hello everyone! I'm new here, but have been lurking for a little while. What better way to introduce myself than by talking about bowel movements! :)

I had intentions of beginning a water-only fast, but it turned out to be the start of my very first dry fast. It wasn't planned as such, but I ended up taking an incredibly long nap having yet to drink any water. Upon awakening, I decided to go ahead and follow through with a 36 hour dry fast. So far I had no hunger, thirst, or headaches! I was amazed! I assessed at the 26 hour mark that my urine had turned orange and my lips were dry and cracked. This startled me as I wasn't expecting any dehydration so soon! I decided to continue on because other than that, I felt pretty darn good!

At the 35 hour mark, my stomach began cramping and I spent the next two hours passing watery stools. This bathroom episode worried me in light of my orange urine and cracked lips! I made the decision to break the fast with water, but continued using the bathroom. At that point I got really nervous and started drinking coconut water eventually followed by 3 large fruit smoothies in hopes of replenishing my electrolytes.

I don’t know if I should have been worried or if I over-reacted. I wonder if it was an actual negative physical reaction to having consumed no food or water, but I also wonder if these were detox symptoms? I have a few ailments (RA, eczema, seasonal allergies, overweight), some of which spanning back to the age of 7 (I'm now 32). Although I eat tons of healthy life-giving foods, I also consume a large portion of absolute crap. I know, especially by the manifestations of my body, that I am horribly toxic. Was my body just flushing out disease? I usually lean more towards the constipated side of things and I wonder if my body wasn’t helping me along with the diarrhea? I also wonder if the loose stools were maybe induce psychologically by nerves. I’ve always been taught in my personal life growing up and in my professional life (nurse), that our bodies cannot function without proper food and water. Mostly I do not agree with modern medicine, but I still had a little worry in the back of my mind despite that fact that my body (until the cramping), felt just fine.

My question is to those of you that have dry fasted before - has anything like this every happened to you? If so, what was your experience with it and what did you conclude? I'm also open to any theories.

Thank you!

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19 Nov 2014 17:43 #24060 by david
david replied the topic: Dry fasting and loose stools.
Hello Journeyem welcome to the board and our friendly community. Your question is a good one. I can answer one part which is that many people find it easier to dry fast than water fast on the first couple of days. As for your symptoms of dehydration I know The Fast Doctor simply does not recommend it to inexperienced fasters as it can cause dehydration quite early on in the fast. But I think it best to put the question to him directly so I will move the post over to his board. Hope you don't mind. Most current members are into water fasting.

Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.

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19 Nov 2014 19:29 #24062 by JourneyEmbarking
JourneyEmbarking replied the topic: Dry fasting and loose stools.
Thank you David for the warm welcome! I appreciate you moving my question to the most appropriate category.

I definitely have decided not to attempt another dry fast for a good while. My plan is to hydrate for a couple of days and bolster my electrolytes before moving forward with the original water fast. I have a tiny bit of experience with fasting leading up to this one, but nothing to even consider really. I have a feeling that I am probably just way too toxic to start off by jumping in the deep end. I have a tendency to be all or nothing when it comes to making up my mind about subjects like my health. It is just so exciting to realize that you can eliminate disease from your life, but I have to remember that slow and steady wins the race! I am very interested to hear The Fast Doctor's opinion of my experience.

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19 Nov 2014 19:38 #24063 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Dry fasting and loose stools.
Thanks David for picking up on JE.. what an inspiring first post!

I have just completed a 48 hour dry fast and indeed do agree with JE that it is sometimes easier than with water but I would like to reiterate that no one, particularly if you are new to fasting, should resist thirst.

Amazingly, when you do start to feel the effects of dehydration, sometimes an intense 5-step cycle of detoxification removes the thirst... which likely confirms that the thirst represents your body's craving for something to dilute the toxins with. Once you eliminated them there's much less need for water.

So dear JE, please remember, and read these forums widely, I have often repeated the crux of the situation: Fasting MOBILIZE toxins. You still have to ELIMINATE them. Do try a few detox cycles and you'll note the difference it makes.

BUT if you are too toxic to go through to completion of the fast, don't EVER hesitate to abort and re-start. There's a lot of evidence that a series of short fasts are better than one protracted fast. Much easier to make part of your lifestyle anyway...


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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19 Nov 2014 19:51 #24066 by JourneyEmbarking
JourneyEmbarking replied the topic: Dry fasting and loose stools.
Thank you for the response Doctor!

I never resisted thirst for sure, but I did exhibit the weird orange urine and dry lips. I think you just made a connection for me! About an hour before I started experiencing the loose stools, I did my very first 5-step detox protocol. Perhaps I really got those toxins to mobilize!

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