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Please encourage me!

20 Mar 2012 09:41 #10497 by Mckenzeej
Mckenzeej created the topic: Please encourage me!
I am starting a 40 day water fast today (my birthday) and I need encouragement. I recently failed at day 37 a month ago but feel I must complete this fast for spiritual reasons. I believe the Lord is requiring it of me. It's good to know others are out there fasting!

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20 Mar 2012 19:17 #10498 by Lisafast
Lisafast replied the topic: Re: Please encourage me!
Hey Mckenzeej,
Failed at day 37?!! That is not failure. That is something to be proud of. My longest fast was 16 days and I felt triumphant. Are you sure that you're not feeling false guilt because you want to be able to say 40 days? I do want to encourage you to continue your fast...and happy birthday by the way. But I want you to realize what you have accomplished. Not many people could get to day 3 let alone day 37. I guess to come that far and fall short of your goal by only 3 days must be super frustrating. Especially since you believe the Lord is requiring it of you--talk about pressure.

You have to just keep telling yourself that you have done this and that you can get through it. It's funny, I wanted to post something with the same topic as you. I'm on day 3 of what I hope to be a 14 day fast and I am losing my motivation. I need some encouragement as well. You have inspired me by your 37 days. Think about what percentage of the population has ever fasted over 30 days....I mean, that is more of an accomplishment than running a marathon. People run marathons all the time without ever skipping a meal, let alone a month or more of food.

So keep it up. I want to say we can encourage each other, but I'm really really struggling with getting through this day. Anyway best wishes to you. I'll be thinking about you and I hope you get through it. Have you seen the blog section of this website? Why not blog your fast. It gives you a bit of accountability because you're putting it out there in public that you're fasting and then it'll be harder to break it.

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