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water/juice fasting for spiritual awakening

29 Jun 2011 01:26 #8080 by mylife76
mylife76 created the topic: water/juice fasting for spiritual awakening
;) hello...Im on my 1.5 day of juice fasting....not hungry although my mind is playing with me...CRAVING is my strongest enemy and its really hard for me right now... Im not hungry though...

I noticed that im bored ..seems like time is going by so slow and its so interesting that when you take away eating from your daily activity..a lot is effected. I feel like i need to eat to make me happy , to not be bored... Im so tempted right now...:(

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29 Jun 2011 03:40 #8082 by Milena
Milena replied the topic: Re: water/juice fasting for spiritual awakening
Dear mylife76,

It is understandable how you feel in the beginning. Each type of fasting has different relationship with hunger and juice feasting is the hardest since everytime you drink something with taste you excite your taste buds and tempt your body. So water and dry fasting are much easier in that regard.

I would recommend that instead of posting under Forum, you post under Blog. That way you will reach more people and, particularly the once who have done juice feasts. I practice dry fasting exclusively and have completed 30 days on water, but my juicing experience is very limited. So I cannot really advice you in this area.

Best of luck to you!

May the Energy you free from digesting serves your Body and Spirit well!

All my posts are based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of the licensed medical practitioner.
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