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Fasting support 4 Bad Situation

29 Oct 2011 18:14 #9335 by Lentrally
Lentrally created the topic: Fasting support 4 Bad Situation
I took a job a number of months ago because I needed one being unemployed for almost a year. The environment is beyond toxic. There isn't much room for dialogue and all communication turns into a verbal shoving match. Everyone trying to out best each other. It makes me sick. Really. I've been mentally and physically ill numerous times in the past 2 and a half months. I'm looking to fast for spiritual peace. Just for 15-18 days. As the holidays approach I don't need this place ruining my mood or well being to the point that I make my own family miserable. I need to find my center...again. This place has me off kilter and I hate myself for letting it happen. I plan to just drink water. As the temperatures are dropping, it will be room temperature water or made hot in the microwave. I plan to start tomorrow and go until November 16th.

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