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My experience and concerns about my one day fast

04 Feb 2012 06:01 #9816 by zimmy101b
zimmy101b created the topic: My experience and concerns about my one day fast
I tried to do a bread(multi-grain)& water fast for only 1 day. I feel light-headed and a little tired after the first 10 hrs or so. But what really bothers me is that I have a hard time getting out of bed the next morning. I feel like I am carrying a heavy weight on my back.
Even after I eat some food I still feel tired. And this tiredness extends into the third day. And I am eating like I normally do. I feel as if I've come down with the flu.
Am I supposed to feel this miserable on the fast? I'm 59 yrs old.
I take 6 meds for psychiatric illness(bi-polar) and 1 for underactive thyroid. I continue to take these meds during the fast.
But I reduce or eliminate all of my vitamin-mineral supplements.
I am Catholic and this bread & water fast (Wed. & Fri.) has been recommended to Catholics by, supposedly, the Blessed Virgin Mary thru a visionary. Any answers to my question above?

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04 Feb 2012 23:33 - 04 Feb 2012 23:35 #9819 by Jimmy2Fat
Jimmy2Fat replied the topic: Re: My experience and concerns about my one day fast
I'm new as well and have only fasted up to two days twice, but thought I would give u a reply until an experienced faster replies:

When you fast, toxins are released from your body and can cause all sorts of ill fellings but technically since you are eating bread, that isn't really fasting .. more like a change of diet. The tiredness you report isn't experienced by most people even on a water only fast. Note that bread has carbohydrates, which should keep your energy supply up.

Since you are on medication and have experienced these adverse affects just from switching to a bread only diet for a day; I suggest you consult your doctor because what you are experiencing isn't in the "expected" range.

I would wait for a confirmation post from a more experienced faster or hopefully the fast doctor Andre will chime in.

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05 Feb 2012 10:36 #9821 by Khaavi
Khaavi replied the topic: Re: My experience and concerns about my one day fast
I too can not tell you much either, especially with all those meds you are on, but I can say if wheat/gluten is a problem for you then eating nothing but that for a day or more will make it worse. I was told by a doc that I had bi-polar tendencies before I went gluten free, and since then all my symptoms have gone away. There were no digestive symptoms to tell me this was my problem either. So if gluten was a problem for you, and that's all you ate in one day, it would probably mess you up.
And I know my daughter gets an upset stomach if she eats nothing but bready stuff all day.
Maybe try a juice fast instead.
Hope you feel better soon.

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