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48 hour water/black coffee fast

16 Apr 2013 13:44 #16159 by Breadandwine
Breadandwine created the topic: 48 hour water/black coffee fast
I've been practicing Intermittent Fasting for over a year, now; and, for the past 6 months I've been fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week, and then consuming <600 calories. Sort of 6:1 and a bit.

I've had some brilliant results over this time - losing 10kg and experiencing some terrific blood results - which I've posted elsewhere on this forum. And also feeling on top of the world!

I've learned a lot over this last year, both from this forum and others, and I'm coming round to the idea that fasting is the normal state for us to be in, and that eating is just a necessary inconvenience!

I started the 24 hours (water/black coffee) fasts by simply telling myself I wouldn't eat until I felt hungry - and I never did. I ate in the evening purely to keep my wife company. But I've always wondered, 'When would I feel hungry if I just kept going?'

This isn't an option when my wife is around, since she worries I don't eat enough as it is.

However, she left this morning to visit some relatives - leaving me behind as I have some work I need to do.

So, while the cat's away, etc, I'm going to, hopefully, answer that question of when do I begin to feel hunger.

I finished eating last night at 7.30, so I'm 18 hours into my fast ATM. I intend to fast at least until 7.30 tomorrow evening, which will then be 48 hours fasting. Depending on how I feel, I may break my fast with a <600 calorie meal, or I may just eat normally. We'll see!

The longest I've done so far is 27 hours, so that will be new territory for me.

My question is, I often see posters on here taking supplements, which I've never done. Should I be popping the odd pill or something? I must admit I don't particularly feel the need.

I'm a vegan, and the only thing I do is to consume 25g ground flaxseeds 4-5 times a week for the omega 3.

Any thoughts would be very welcome!

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17 Apr 2013 07:22 #16169 by david
david replied the topic: 48 hour water/black coffee fast
Hello Breadandwine, I moved your post to the Supplements and Fasting category. You may wish to peruse other posts in this category. The ones which crop up from time to time are vitamin D3, Dolomite, and the Omegas. As far as I am aware the Doctor is opposed to taking supplements as are most Natural Hygienists. D3 is an interesting one as most people are lacking in vitamin D. Congratulations on your fasting efforts.

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