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Day 5 Water Fast

12 Mar 2013 09:42 #15708 by sviken0529
sviken0529 created the topic: Day 5 Water Fast
Day 5 Water Fast,

I had a good day but I was hungry, I wanted to eat, when I really felt like I might just do it I grabbed a piece of gum and watched some videos on prayer.

I cooked dinner for family, they did not eat much hope I am not making people feel guilty. My sister said it was weird, she was like are you going to eat dinner, but I did taste to check flavor, I said it is fine Mose did two forty days and so did Jesus. And people who don't even believe int the Lord do it all the time. Flavor checks i do not want to do anymore I think they peak my hunger.

I noticed my skin on my face is kind of breaking out and I am one not to get to may breakouts. need to increase water intake.

Ketosis/ketone: Moderate

Day 2 -225

Day 3 -223

Day 4 -222

DAY 5 Weight in 220

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