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Dr Henry Lindllahr's Views

02 Nov 2007 10:40 #218 by david
david created the topic: Dr Henry Lindllahr's Views

\" In many larger cities, physicians and nurses, by order of state boards of health, are regularly visiting the public schools. They examine the children, gather statistics and give hygienic and medical advice to teachers and parents. The idea is a good one and will be productive of much benefit, provided that the advisers themselves are rightly informed. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

A large proportion of school children are nowadays afflicted with chronic tonislitis and with inflammation or hypertrophy of the adenoid tissues, which are located in the nasal pharynx. When these abnormal conditions are discovered, the parents are at once advised to have the offending tonsils and adenoids removed. Frequently we are consulted by parents about the advisability of having these operations performed. The explanation which I give to these enquiries is as follows. The tonsils are excretory glands which nature has created for the elimination of impurities from the body. Acute, sub-acute and chronic tonsilitis accompanied by enlargement and cheesy decay of the tonsils means that these glands have been habitually congested with pathogenic matter, that they have had more work to do than they could properly attend to. These structures constitute however, a valuable part of the drainage system of the organism. If the blood is poisoned through overeating and faulty food combinations, or with scrofulous, venereal or psoric taints, the tonsils are called upon with other organs to eliminate these morbid taints.

Is it any wonder that frequently they become inflamed and subject to decay? What however is to be gained by destroying them with iodine or extirpating them with the surgeons wire snare?

Were the drains in your house too small to carry off the waste, would you seal or remove them? This is, however, what is being done. The surgeon says: \" The swollen tonsils and adenoids are closing up the nasal breathing passage; especially at night the child breathes through the mouth. This may cause all kinds of chronic ailments, deformations of the chest, chnges in the facial expression, sometimes marked alteration in the mental condition and in certain cases stunting of physical and mental development. The removal of the tonsils will bring back quick relief from all these troubles; why then delay the simple operation\"?\"

This chapter continues for another three pages.

P117 - p120

Copied from Philoshophy of Natural Therapeutics by Dr Henry Lindlahr Copyright 1975

Also for a better understanding of Dr Lindlahr's approach to health, please visit this link:

Link: This link

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08 Nov 2007 16:20 #227 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Dr Henry Lindllahr's Views
Thanks David for an excellent post. I have 5 grown up children. They have 10 tonsils and 10 adenoids amongst them. I would never allow a colleague to redesign their immune systems. Sure there were a few instances where they became quite ill with the mis-diagnosis of \"tonsillitis\" but I just supported them and they duly shrunk back after the acute inflammation is resolved.. preferably with fasting.

Children who lose their tonsils are at least twice as prone as \"complete\" ones to develop acute appendicitis and if you lose that important organ also, your chance of getting chronic spastic colon, asthma or chronic allergic conditions are about 4fold increased.

One pity is that the modern world does not allow us to spit. Toxins secreted by the tonsils are typically swallowed (\"good manners\"!) and come back for another \"try\".. eventually congesting the whole system.

Incidentally, about a week ago a few medical scientists eventually published the likely main function of the appendix: It \"stores\" small numbers of all the important \"good bacteria\" that the colon needs to function properly. After disease such as diarrhea, the colon is \"seeded\" or re-colonized from the appendix.

If I could buy back my tonsils today, I would do so..Pity I did not know when I was about 10, and suffered chronic allergies as a result of losing the tonsils.. until I found a Histamine immunization which, together with regular fasting, cleared the problem.. as far as it can be salvaged.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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09 Nov 2007 03:55 #243 by Andrew
Andrew replied the topic: Re:Dr Henry Lindllahr's Views
Thanks David and Andre. David posted this for me and it's my five year old son that has the enlarged adenoids. This has been a long term problem for him and so far homeopathics and chiropractic treatment have only provided temporary relief from it.

My ex wife wants to get them removed which is an abhorrent idea to me. I liken it to removing a hand that is swollen and getting in the way. It is an important organ and is doing its job and should definitely be left right where it is!

I have returned to the chiro and had him adjusted, and put him back on the week long homeopathic treatment that has been previously prescribed. I am also feeding him mostly raw food while he is with me, which is three and a half days currently. I also get him to do my early morning stretch each morning to get his metabolism moving and then do some deep breathing with him.

He is a sensitive kid and these changes will be some stress to him but I'm hoping not too much and that the stress itself won't interfere with his getting better. I'm also hoping that the other half of the week eating mostly cooked food with his mum won't undo the work done here. He is also overweight and has probably copied some of his dad's comfort eating habits, especially in the years since the marriage broke up.

I would love to fast him but I am concerned that his mum will react too strongly against such a move and I have no medical support if she would try to legally stop me from doing it. So currently I have to wait and see what success I have with what I am able to do right now.

If he doesn't improve after three weeks of this I will find a local osteopath who is as confident about treating enlarged adenoids as Dr. Lindllahr is and if that doesn't work I will then consider fasting him. I will certainly not consent to the operation myself but am dreading the final confrontation as much as that due to the inevitable family trauma that will again go along with it.


\\"Truth is often painful, but ignorance is never bliss.\\"

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21 Nov 2007 20:25 #269 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:Dr Henry Lindllahr's Views
Thanks for the extended background information. There is one specific pitfall with the adenoids, that put them in a class apart from the tonsils: They are higher up in the throat, close to the back of the nasal passages. For this reason they often obstruct the nose leading to mouth breathing, which can lead to enlarging the mouth and slowing the growth of the nose. If this happens at a critical time during the growth spurt, the person can end up with a nose too small for proper breating.

Thus, in dire circumstances I do still sometimes \"allow\" the removal of the adenoids but warn agains the habit of taking the tonsils also \"while we're there\". Sure, this is not ideal and it does not address the underlying cause, but the problem is time.. one would need a lot of time and appropriate changes in lifestyle, which is not always possible to achieve..

I don't have a final answer in this case, would have loved to examine the kid.


All my posts are "generic", based on my opinions and experiences only and are not intended to replace the advice of your own licensed medical practitioner.

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