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Day 2 and I feel great but I am very scared.

30 Jan 2013 04:56 #15102 by qcrazy
qcrazy created the topic: Day 2 and I feel great but I am very scared.
Well day 2, this is my first fast and it has been super easy. I have had no hunger and only a small amount of boredom gonna pat myself on the back for cooking for my family with almost no temptation! I have only opened the fridge twice! lol

My back story... I have 175lbs to lose and have ben very low carb (under 5 carbs a day) for 3 and a half months with no weight loss. I feel great though! My blood sugar dropped from 360's to low 120 or less, My blood pressure dropped 30 points each side, and my eyesight corrected itself (A LOT!) I can see! I have PCOS diabetes, hypo thyroid,enlarged heart, sleep apnea, and sometime I am a lil manic (OK A LOT) lol

I know a lot of low carbers don't agree with fasting and I know a lot of fasters don't much agree with low carb so I am kinda stuck in the middle! I will apologize in advance to any vegs!!!!

My question is about me being scared. I am so scared I will faint or my body will shut down or any of the other dreadful things that could happen. Will I know when to stop? This is an open ended fast for me I am not going to set a time frame on this. I have to drive in 2 days and I almost quit because of that. I wanna stay home! Taking someone to the dr is the last thing I wanna do. What if I run out of energy what If I faint what if the person I need to take care of all the sudden has to take care of me?

I have made a bone broth to break my fast if needed. So I am covered their. Is being scared the first time normal?

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17 Feb 2013 04:19 #15407 by Laser1
Laser1 replied the topic: Day 2 and I feel great but I am very scared.
Hi qcrazy :) In regards to the health issues you might want to post specific questions to the Fast Doctor (Andre). He has also written a book that you will find very helpful. It will probably answer alot of questions as well as give you some great insight into the fasting process.As to the being scared part I'd say that a little apprehension when you first start fasting is normal.
I remember at one point during my first 40 day fast that because of the detox symptoms I became scared too but the weight-loss overcame the fear and the symptoms soon cleared up. When they did I actually found I had more energy than I did when eating. Eating was actually making me lethargic. Most people seem to have no problem finding thier stopping point as hunger usually kicks in then they break the fast. When you do break the fast do so gently because your digestive system will not be ready for proteins. So, start with fresh fruit then add leafy green vegetables, fresh juices etc. As for being diabetic and the other health issues you probably want to advise your physician what you are doing so that they can monitor you if need be. Right now I'm on day 6 of at least a 40 day fast (my last one was 54 days but the normal recommendation is to normally stop at 40 then go back after a brief break and fast again. Normally though before fasting I eat what I want to lose so a day or two before I'll eat a diet heavy in fat and low in protein. Basically because I want to lose fat but retain muscle mass(protein). I have found this to be very effective but with your medical issues I'm not sure what's right for you but if you can do it this way your next time try it.
In any case as long as your health permits don't be scared more often fasting clears up health issues. It has for me and many others here but I do suggest that you ask the Fast Doctor as he is extremely knowledgeable and will help alleviate your concerns and get you on the right path. I wish you great success in your effort 175lbs. is no small task but you can do it. ;)

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17 Feb 2013 10:47 #15409 by david
david replied the topic: Day 2 and I feel great but I am very scared.
hi qcrazy Laser1 is right this would be a good one for The Fast Doctor. Apprehension of the fast could cause stress which won't benefit the fast.

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