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And here we go.

15 Apr 2013 22:19 #16155 by TwiiinkleToes
TwiiinkleToes created the topic: And here we go.
I am starting again. Maybe some of you remember me or have seen my previous topics somewhere ( & )

So in January I wanted to do a 40 day water fast. Going into day 7 I got very ill and had to stop my fast completely. Now I wish I had just powered through it since it was clearly just my body saying "hey babe, I need more water to flush this disgusting shit you've been eating for the past 21 years out"
But I didn't. I stopped and fell completely back into my old habits. And last month I was done - I'd had enough. I started working out and finally started running again. I juiced for 3 days and then again for 5 days.
Now, on Friday (12th), I injured my leg pretty badly and now I have to spend most of the time either in bed or on the sofa. That has put a serious stop to my juicing since I can't carry the juice stuff up the stairs and to the juicer anymore and I hate needing help. So what better time to do a water fast?
I figure I'll be immobilized for some time and I might as well use the time and do something !

Right now, I've been fasting for exactly 18 minutes (from midnight) and I'll continue as long as I can. The dream is still to do it for 40 days...

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18 Apr 2013 13:26 - 18 Apr 2013 13:27 #16183 by Ockeghem
Ockeghem replied the topic: And here we go.

Welcome back. :) I too have a dream to do a forty- (or more) day fast some time. I just take my fasts one day at a time, knowing that three-day, four-day, five-day, one-week, two-week, three-week, etc. fasts are all beneficial to varying degrees. I think it will occur when I least expect it, meaning that I will 'know' when that goal is attainable for me as I am gradually moving through one of my future fasts.

Happy fasting!

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02 May 2013 18:07 #16492 by TwiiinkleToes
TwiiinkleToes replied the topic: And here we go.
I ended up starting a few days later than I planned - I figured that I'd enjoy a few days with regular meals to take my pain medication with (which I stopped taking 2 days before starting the fast)
So I started on Monday 22nd. Which means that today is my 11th day.
*And here I have to pause the test to jump a few times in the air and yell " I CAN'T BELIEVE I MADE IT THIS FAR"*

But it has been a struggle. A few days I was completely out of it because I felt so nauseous and sick to my stomach. I hated water and started drinking less and less. Today I resorted to sparkling water. I went to the store and bought a whole bunch of it and since then I've been drinking more (even craving it)
I am so out of breath all the time. I live in a 3 story house and I need to take a rest after each level just so that I don't pass out. My lower back has been bugging me and I had a party of new pimples show up on my face on day 3. One day I could barely move because of a headache and the food smells freaking wonderful.
All of that I would happily deal with if it wasn't for the FREAKING NAUSEA. It hits in waves and when they come I just want to lay down on the floor and cry for my mom (which doesn't help since she lives 4000km away). I turn white, I sweat and I can feel the bile coming up my throat and my stomach twisting and turning. Until now I haven't puked though and I'm hoping to keep it that way. I really hate vomiting.

On the upside though I have noticed a few positive changes;
I'm sleeping better, I'm generally craving healthy food and my clothes are fitting more loosely.

Now my head is killing me again and I need to sleep. On to day 12.

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02 May 2013 23:04 #16498 by ilovefasting
ilovefasting replied the topic: And here we go.
Hey, I am new here, so not idea how to deal with all the symptoms of detox (emotional or physical) I just have read that with the 5 Step detox, rest, water the symptoms become way less. Others add some tea when things get tough?...

Lets us know how things go....

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