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My 21+??? Water Fast

28 Apr 2013 21:01 #16391 by Faster n Faster
Faster n Faster replied the topic: My 21+??? Water Fast

ilovefasting wrote: Faster and faster

Yuju, great 12 days, let us know about the sacle results, I am curious to see if the amount we loose corelates with the accumulation or intensity of symptoms?. or maybe you are an Elegant Faster... :laugh: you do detoxing "with grace", :)

Ha. I would love it. Being so classy that symptoms are beneath me.

I am looking forward to the scales as well, I just don't have any at home so I have to go to my gym.

Speak soon

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02 May 2013 01:53 #16479 by 10syogactress
10syogactress replied the topic: My 21+??? Water Fast
Great job on your fast, Faster! That is a lot of days and it seems like you are doing just beautifully and everything is going smoothly.

I am finished with Day 4 of my fast - I still have not decided how long I will go - either 5, 7 or 10 days.

I almost broke my fast today and thought I could stop at the juice shop and get a juice to break this fast but alas! It was closed! It must be a sign for me to keep going.

I have been quite dizzy on this fast and quite tired. I am doing a water fast with some herbal teas sometimes.

Best of luck to everyone on their fasting!

HW: 149 lbs
LW: 121 lbs
GW: 123 lbs

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."

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