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Journal for fast to improve digestion

17 May 2013 21:41 #16695 by moises
moises created the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
I have been reading this forum recently thinking that I would begin a fast around October. It is Spring in my hemisphere and I was looking forward to being very active playing tennis on weekends. My hope was to do a 14-day fast and I thought that the fast would interfere with my tennis activities.

But a few weeks ago I hurt my knee (while playing tennis, of course) and stopped the tennis completely. I now have the habit of not playing tennis and the thought of not playing for a few more weeks does not seem so distressing.

So, I have a family commitment tomorrow night and, out of respect for my mother, I will eat a restaurant dinner. The following day, Sunday, I will eat my last meal at home . . . and that will be it.

My vague plan is to continue to take thyroid pills, both T3 (Cytomel) and T4 (Synthroid). This distresses me, because they have sugar, starch, and some other additives. But I really don't think it wise to stop them cold turkey and I don't want to deal with the physician who prescribes them.

I inject insulin, though by the standards of almost any physician in the world, I would not be diagnosed as diabetic. Even without insulin, my blood glucose never reaches 7.8 mmol/L (140 mg/dl). I use both basal (slow-acting) and bolus (fast-acting) insulin. I will continue taking the basal (Levemir). I will take small amounts of bolus (Humalog) upon arising, because my blood glucose, like most diabetics', tends to rise in the morning even on an empty stomach.

I monitor my blood sugar frequently and it is easy for me to lower the insulin as needed.

Realistically, I don't think I will be able to do more than one cycle of hydro therapy per day. I plan on going to work Monday through Friday. After work, my plan is to go to the gym, where there is a sauna, hot tub, and steam room. I normally never use any of them. And, in fact, I can always just do some exercise at home and take a hot bath. But I am hoping that I can make it to the gym.

Vigorous exercise has a strong effect on insulin sensitivity. The gym has the safest means for getting an intense workout in a short period of time. One problem is that the cold shower at the gym is not cold at all. The shower in my home is, even in May, quite cold. I don't think I could stand under the cold shower for 5 minutes at home. At the gym it is easy. But, since it is not very cold, I don't know how therapeutic it will be.

My last meal before the fast will, like every meal I eat, be very high in fat. I am always in ketosis, as measured by my beta-hydroxybutyrate (B-OHB) meter, so, I am hoping that I won't have much in the way of difficulty adjusting.

I did do a 7-day water fast more than 10 years ago. Back then I didn't take thyroid or insulin, so it really was just water. I had an easy time of it. The only reason I stopped after 7 days was that I knew absolutely nothing about fasting. It was just an idea I thought up on my own, hoping it would improve my digestion. It did not. There were no benefits to the fast, nor was there any harm.

I am now hoping that by doing a longer fast I can succeed in healing my digestion. My theory is that I have bacterial overgrowth in the upper reaches of my small intestine and 10 days without food will starve them. That's why I am bothered by the the thyroid pills, because I will be giving the bacteria small amounts of carbohydrates.

I fully understand that it is unwise to commit to a fixed period of time, when fasting. I am fully ready to stop my fast at any time, if I believe that there would be serious health consequences if I continue. My hope is to do a 14-day fast. But if I need to stop sooner, I accept it.

My 7-day fast was a very long time ago and I don't remember much of the day-to-day experience. But more recently I have done two "elemental diets" where I only drank a liquid with predigested amino acids, glucose, and fatty acids. I had three "feeding" per day, when I drank about a liter of this stuff. It took only a few minutes to do a feeding. I remember how much extra time I had. No shopping, almost no food preparation, almost no cleanup.

So, one question I have is whether I should buy special water. I know that Health Won recommends drinking carbonated water. But my diet has consisted of almost no carbohydrates, though I am making what I need via gluconeogenesis. Furthermore, I have a problem with belching and soda water is sure to exacerbate the problem. So, I am wondering if I should buy distilled water. I live in New York City and the tap water is rather good. Though it does contain fluoride.

On the way home tonight, I will see what kinds of bottled water are available where I shop.

I have a healthy weight and don't carry much body fat. I am concerned about muscle wasting and I have no desire to lose weight. But the numbers say that I should be able to last 14 days on my fat reserves, so I am hoping that is true.

As I said, my plan is to eat my last meal Sunday. I hope to keep this journal active through the entire fast and for at least a few days after it is complete.

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19 May 2013 14:28 #16705 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
The plan is to eat my final meal today, Sunday. So, ideally, I would record baseline measurements tomorrow morning before my normal breakfast time. But tomorrow is a workday and I won't have the time to do that. So, I will use this morning's pre-breakfast data as my baseline.

Basic Data

Weight: 74.9 kg; 165.2 lb
Presumed Height: 177.8 cm; 5'10"
Age: 57

Body Circumferences

Waist: 85.1 cm; 33.5 in
Butt: 97.8 cm; 38.5 in
Chest: 94.6 cm; 37.25 in
Left Thigh: 56.5 cm; 22.25 in
Right Thigh: 54 cm; 21.25
Left Calf: 38.1 cm; 15 in
Right Calf: 36.8 cm; 14.5 in

I don't like doing these measurements. They are notoriously unreliable. It is difficult for me to pull the tape measure with a standard amount of force. So, there is a lot of room for variation.

The last time I did these measurements was 2010. At that time my waist and butt were significantly narrower and my chest was larger. Not good.


Pectoral: 8 mm
Abdominal: 18.5 mm
Right Thigh: 12 mm

Total: 38.5 mm

I know that these measurements are also unreliable. But, I put them into an online calculator and I find that my body fat is much higher than I thought, 15%, or 11.3 kg.

These skinfold measurements are a lot higher than my 2010 measurements, especially around the abdomen.

If reliable, that means there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am a lot fatter than I thought I was. The good news is that I have a lot more energy reserves than I thought I did and most of the anxiety I had about doing a 14-day fast was unwarranted.

So, now let's have some fun with numbers.

Let's be conservative and assume that my body fat reserves were overstated. Instead of 11 kg I have 10 kg. That's 10,000 gram.

From Volek and Phinney The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance, "Body fat (aka adipose tissure) consists of cells that are roughly 15% lean tissue (i.e., cellular 'machinery' like mitochondria and the nucleus) and 85% fat in one big central droplet" (38).

So, that implies that my 10,000 grams of body fat consist of 85,000 grams of triglycerides available to me as an energy source. Using 9 calories/gram as the energy density of fat, I have 76,500 calories of fat stores.

My desire is to stay fasted for 14 days. Let's wildly exaggerate my activity level and assume that I will need 3,000 calories/day. That's 42,000 calories for 14 days out of stores of 76,500 calories.

So, it appears as if I am more than covered in the fat department. The anticipated fast might be problematic, but it won't be because I lack sufficient energy reserves. I should be able to use the gym as much and as long as I want without any fear that I will need to deplete muscle merely for energy.

That does not mean that I won't lose any muscle at all. It means merely that all my basic energy needs are more than satisfied by my vast quantities of body fat. This also means that, if I felt up to it after completing 14 days, there is no compelling reason why I couldn't continue the fast. Currently, I have no plans or desires to do that, but it is reassuring to know that my prior fear that I would run out of fat was completely baseless.

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20 May 2013 11:24 #16710 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 1

5:20 am
Weight 74.9 (165.2)
Blood Glucose 4.7 (85)
(Inject 1.5 units Humalog)

7:16 am
Ketones 1.8 mmol/L
BG 5.0 (90)

I am in ketosis already although my body has not yet missed a meal. Normally, I would not eat breakfast until 8:00 am or so.

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20 May 2013 16:14 - 20 May 2013 16:15 #16721 by Ockeghem
Ockeghem replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion

Thanks for posting your journal thoughts here. I find these kinds of entries interesting.

Happy fasting. :)

Areas of specialty and interests: Canon and Fugue; Greek and Latin language and literature; Marathoning and Ultramarathoning; Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Shotokan {Kissaki-Kai} Karate); Medieval and Renaissance music notation; Television series (All In the Family; Charmed, Dark Shadows, Lost, The Outer Limits, Roswell, Star Trek); Theology; Twelfth- and thirteenth-century conductus,...
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21 May 2013 15:51 #16731 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion

I appreciate your greetings. Since you are fasting right now as well, I hope you are having a good time of it.

For a lot of people on this forum, fasting is a normal part of their lives. For me, this is very much out of the ordinary.

Day 1 (continued)

2:57pm BG 4.4 (79)
9:05pm 4.8 (87)

I went to the gym after work. I normally go once a week and only do 2 or 3 exercises. Someone else on the forum mentioned Power of 10, or Superslow weight lifting. That is what I do. It takes less than 10 minutes a week.

But, I hurt my knee a few weeks ago. So my goal for the gym was to do my regular weight lifting, do some therapeutic exercises for my injured knee, and to do the elimination cycle.

I stretched and did my weight lifting. Then I spent 25 minutes on a "cross-trainer," which has an elliptical path for the feet and upright poles that the arms move back and forth. I did that for 25 minutes with four intervals of one minute each at high intensity. The heart-rate monitor wasn't working, but that typically gets me to 165 beats per minute.

After that I was in new territory. I then went into the hot tub that has water jets. That was my massage phase. But it was also my heat phase. Then I realized it was getting quite late. I could have gone to the steam room or the sauna. I did the steam room thinking it might be better for keeping my sinuses clear.

Then I took a shower. I made it as cold as I could, but, just as I anticipated, the coldest water in this gym is really lukewarm.

As I was about to leave the gym I saw a guy wearing minimalist footwear. I got into a rather lengthy conversation with him. So, it was now really late. I skipped the "rest" phase of the elimination cycle, though I did meditate for 30 minutes an hour-and-a-half later.

When I did my 7-day fast more than 10 years ago, I think I just drank tap water. But this time I am drinking expensive European mineral water. I only brought 2 liters to work with me yesterday and it was not enough. So, on the drive home I bought 12 liters of mineral water.

I didn't realize that there are big distinctions between spring water, mineral water, high-mineral content water, etc.

I got home and gulped down a lot more water, after sweating so much from working out and then taking the steam bath.

As I mentioned, I meditated for 30 minutes. I did not feel very relaxed, but I was glad I did the meditation. Then I went to bed.

Day 2

I had no bowel movement on Day 1. I made up for this after I went to bed.

At 3:35 am I had to get up and have a bowel movement. This is not completely unheard of for me, but it is highly unusual.

My alarm is set for 5:10 am. I got up about a minute before that and had another bowel movement.

I still had some abdominal cramps after that.

For the sake of having a good comparison, I decided to take my ketone measurement again this morning. To my great surprise my ketones were 0.7 mmol/L today compared to 1.8 yesterday. I don't have any explanation for that. I really don't know how accurate the monitor is. But this certainly is not cause for concern. It would have been interesting to check the ketones after my gym workout. I would have expected them to be much higher because (1) ketones tend to go up as the day progresses, and (2) the exercise should have increased the ketone levels.

A couple of hours after waking today, my blood glucose was a little low, 4.1 (74). Intense exercise can lower blood glucose for a few days, so it's not clear to me yet how much is the fasting and how much is other stuff.

Going through the exercise of guessing my body fat Sunday was a very useful activity. Instead of worrying that I am starving, I am feeling rather content and self-satisfied. I am walking around with this huge storehouse of butter and olive oil. (They say that a 50:50 combo of butter and olive oil is a good approximation to the makeup of human adipose tissue.) There is no need to fret because I am being well-nourished by the plentiful supply of food that I am always carrying around with me.

I haven't quite figured out what I'll do for my elimination cycle tonight. I know that I don't want to go to the gym and I don't want to do any exercise that heavily involves my knee. I am thinking of exercising my arms. I doubt that I'll get my heartrate very high, but I'll try. Then I'll massage myself somehow or other. Then I will take a hot bath followed by a cold shower. I will probably make the bath and Epsom salt bath. That will give me a bunch of magnesium.

Oh, that reminded. I had a major lapse in willpower today. As I mentioned, I had a rough night. Not only did I get up to have a bowel movement, I was feeling a bit chilled. Also, I was having trouble breathing because of nasal congestion.

So, I decided that when I got up in the morning I would take a hot shower. Now that might not seem like a significant decision. But I have only taken cold showers for the past 4 years. Despite cold weather, illness, and everything else, I have only taken cold showers, at home and even when traveling. I started this initially because I thought it might strengthen my immune system. Then, as it became a habit, I realized that it was a kind of self-discipline and I continued it for that reason.

But as I lay in bed I thought that it will probably take a whole lot of self-discipline to stay with this fast. And the potential benefits of the fast are a lot greater than those of cold showers. I figured it was going to be hard enough to make it through the fast without torturing myself with cold showers. So, I took a hot shower. It was not an impulsive decision and I fully accept it. I do hope, however, that when the fast is complete, I go back to my cold showers.

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22 May 2013 12:41 #16743 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 2 (cont.)

The weather was quite hot yesterday. I was in my office all day but all the air conditioners were running.

No bowel movements.

Before leaving work I checked my blood sugar and I was surprised that it was low: 3.6 (65).

I was concerned that if I did the exercise portion of the elimination cycle, I would go even lower. When I got home, the blood sugar hadn't really changed, but I decided to try the elimination cycle anyway.

I don't want to do daily endurance-type exercises that have a lot of knee involvement, because my right knee is injured. So, I swung a kettlebell and then a dumbbell around. I am not experienced in this kind of exercise, so I got ideas from youtube videos. I doubt that I got my heartrate to the desired 200-age, but I was dripping with sweat and I was breathing harder. So, I figured that was good enough.

For the massage, I took some blue jeans and rubbed my skin. I don't know if that qualifies as a correct method, but it actually felt pretty nice.

For the heat, I put Epsom salt and magnesium chloride in a hot bath and soaked.

I forgot to mention that when I was exercising, at the end, I got some spasms in my right hamstring. Nothing severe, but I was hoping the magnesium bath would soothe it.

After the bath I took a cold shower. And then, unlike the previous day, I did do the "rest" part. I lay on my bed in the dark for a couple of minutes.

The big surprise came next. My blood glucose had jumped up to 4.9 (88). That was a relief. My target is 4.6 (8.3). It is not clear to me why my blood increased increased so much after the exercise. Typically, afternoon or evening exercise lowers blood glucose even more. But, as I said, I was glad to see that I was back in the normal range.

I took no insulin before going to bed.

My total intake of water was just under 3 liters. The next time I buy water I will need to decide if I want to get the kind that has a high "total dissolved solids" or low. The Galvanina brand is labeled as "Still Mineral Water" and has 570 ppm total dissolved solids. It costs $2.49/liter plus bottle deposit. The San Benedetto brand is "Premium Artisan Water" and gives no ppm. However, its website shows a chart placing its total dissolved solids somewhere between 50 and 500 ppm. The scale on the chart seems to be logarithmic. So, my best guess is that it has about 200 ppm. It costs $1.99/liter plus deposit.

I'll probably get the Galvanina to get the most electrolytes.
Day 3

Strangely, I woke up at 3:35 am, virtually the exact same time as the previous day. But this time there was no bowel movement. But I could feel things moving around in my lower abdomen. Must have been gas.

I was able to fall back asleep eventually and awoke to my alarm at 5:10 am.

As I mentioned, the weather was warm. So, I actually was looking forward to taking a cold shower this morning, in stark contrast to the prior morning.

When I woke up my blood glucose (I will start abbreviating this as "BG") was 4.3 (77). I decided not to take any insulin, given the fact that I went slightly hypoglycemic the previous afternoon.

When I got to work, my BG had gone down just a tiny bit. So I felt that my decision to stop the insulin was a good one.

I also weighed myself when I woke up. I started this fast at 75 (165.2) and this morning I was 73.4 (161.6). Since I am not trying to lose weight, this was done just to satisfy my curiosity.

The big news for me was that my ketones surged to 3.2 mM. That is a high number for 7:15 am. But it is certainly within the healthy range. I guess that I was still getting some glycogen from my liver the prior morning.

I plan to go to the gym after work today and I will try to remember to measure my ketones after doing the elimination cycle. If I had to guess, I would guess that they will be higher.

Since I started the fast, I do feel a slight diminution of energy. But it is nothing out of the ordinary and I am able to function quite acceptably.

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23 May 2013 13:05 #16764 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 3 (cont.)

This was my first complete day without insulin.

I had some delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This was from the prior day's exercise.

I did the exercise as part of the elimination cycle. I tried to find something that would not stress my knees too much.

I used to do leg presses, a weight-lifting exercise, one set every other week. But I have not done them since March of this year, because of knee problems.

So, the exercise I did on Day 2 used gave a big workout to my hamstrings and glutes. And since these muscles had not been taxed for about 2 months, they got sore. But it is nothing serious.

This day, I did my elimination cycle in the gym again.

I did some leg extensions, as part of my knee rehabilitation. I also did some stretching, and an exercise on the floor mat to keep my lower back muscles (multifida) in tone.

Then I went on the cross-trainer and got sweaty. My knee does seem to be improving because I had almost no pain at all while on the cross-trainer.

After that I did the water jets in the hot tub. Then the sauna followed by a lukewarm shower.

Once again, I forgot to rest. I was real eager to go to my car and take my ketones.

I was 3.2 in the morning at 7:15 am. About 35 minutes or so after my evening workout I was 4.8 at 7:48 pm. So that puts me firmly in the "starvation ketosis" range.

I got home and my 16-year-old son wanted to play some ping-pong (table tennis). I have a small apartment in New York City, so we can't fit a real ping-pong table. It is a foldable miniature table, but we have a lot of fun.

As we played, it was immediately apparent to me that I had much less energy than normal. My son commented that our styles of play had reversed. Normally, I go for hard slams, even if they are a low-percentage shot. My son tends to play defensively, just trying to return the ball.

This time, I just never attacked. I didn't have it in me. I was just trying to get the ball back.

For the day, I believe I drank just under 3 liters of water.

Day 4

BG was 3.7 (66) upon arising. Two hours later it was 4.3 (78).

It was another warm morning and I took a cold shower.

BOHB ketones were 4.9 mM at 7:16 am.

Leg muscles are still sore from the workout two days ago.

I had two bowel movements today, one right before my normal waking time, at 5:05 am, and one at 7:10 am.

I still have a lot of belching and some flatulence. My purpose for doing this fast is to see if I can make the burping stop. My past experience showed that 7 days was not long enough.

Shelton wrote that in 7 days the small intestine is sterile, there are no bacteria. My guess is that he was probably wrong.

Elsewhere, I gave a link showing that 10-day fasts helped IBS sufferers significantly in a Japanese study.

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24 May 2013 11:46 #16776 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 4 (cont.)

1:09 pm BG 3.6 (64)
10:00 pm BG 4.1 (74)

After work I went to buy more water. They only had 3 bottles of still mineral water. So I had to buy spring waters and artesian waters. All were in glass bottles from europe.

I now realize that all of these waters have more bicarbonate (HCO3) than anything else. Like 90% of their "total dissolved solids" are bicarbonate.

At home, my son wanted to play ping-pong again. Although I still felt as if I had very low energy, my ping-pong skills seemed markedly better than the previous night. This was annoying my son, who does not like to lose. He won the last few games, so he was satisfied.

I then planned on doing my elimination cycle. But, instead, i got caught up reading Andre's old posts on this forum and an amazing article on ketosis, by Cahill and Veech called "Ketoacids? Good Medicine?" Reading all that gave me lots of enthusiasm and inspiration. Since, i am not a scientist I am going to have to reread it a few more times. What I liked about that article was (1) they see ketosis as a normal part of human existence, and (2) they recognize that ketosis offers many unique benefits. It is such a contrast to standard medical opinion which focuses entirely on the dangers of fasting.

Finally, very late, I started my elimination cycle. I didn't work my heart rate up very high and I only broke a little sweat. But it was late, and that would have to do. i massaged myself with my hands. Then I jumped into a hot water and Epsom salt tub. I stayed in the tub for about 15 minutes and then enjoyed the cold shower. Since I was at home, the cold shower is sufficiently cold. It feels so much better than the lukewarm shower of the gym.

I did the "rest" phase about 30 minutes after completing the hot bath. I meditated and went to bed.

Day 5

body weight 72.1 (159.0)
5:30am BG 4.0 (72)
7:10 am BG 4.7 (84)
7:14 am BOHB ketones 5.3

So, Cahill and Veech state that BG in starvation is 65-70. Mine seems to be going a bit higher. In normal times, my target is 4.6 (83) and it rarely exceeds that during fasting so far, so I am not concerned. But the fact that it seems to be exceeding what Cahill and Veech state is normal makes me wonder if my very mild case of diabetes (most would term it "prediabetes") is responsible for these slightly higher readings.

I've been waiting for a dream where I mistakenly eat food. They always happen when I restrict what I eat. Early this morning I had the dream. I put some food in my mouth and started chewing, then, all of a sudden, I realized that I was still fasting and that I didn't want to be eating. So, luckily, I was able to keep myself from swallowing, and I spit everything out. No harm done. :P

Also, last night, I had some mild muscle cramping in my legs. It was not serious. But if it continues to happen I would consider putting some salt in my water and maybe even some potassium chloride. I have been trying to learn more about the "natriuresis of fasting." A lot of the journal articles are beyond my abilities to comprehend. But it seems as if sodium excretion soars after beginning a fast. Sodium is an ion in extracellular fluid and it needs to be balanced by the postassium ion within the cell.

When sodium is wasted, intracellular potassium is wasted, to maintain the sodium-postassium balance. Andre has explained, if I understand him, that it is ok to lose some of that extracellular fluid because the halting of digestion means a lot less blood flows to the intestines. But the problem in some people occurs when potassium gets too low this leads to problems in muscular function.

So, if I keep getting muscle cramps, I might just try adding salt and potassium as an insurance policy.

I just checked my ketone meter's insert which states that its maximum reading is 8.0 mM. That is the upper limit of what Cahill and Veech say normally occurs in therapeutic ketosis. I hope I don't exceed it.

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24 May 2013 11:54 #16777 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Oh yeah, one more thing. I forgot to mention that my hamstrings are still quite sore from my Day 2 exercise.

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25 May 2013 11:37 - 25 May 2013 11:38 #16783 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 5 (cont.)

3:21pm BG 3.3 (59)

At 5 pm I had a bowel movement. To my surprise the stool was slightly loose. This surprised me. One of the functions of the colon is to remove fluid from the stool. So, after 5 days, I figured that any stool I pass would have very little moisture to it. Clearly that is not the case.

I could put a positive spin on this and say that the bacteria of my gut are starting to die off in larger numbers. As they die, they release toxic substances which can cause the gut to secrete mucus and other fluids. My looser stool is a good thing because it means that I am accomplishing my goal of reducing the bacterial load in the small intestine.

I don't actually believe what I have written in the previous paragraph, but I surely hope it is true.

After my bowel movement, my digestion took a turn for the worse. I had much more belching and much more flatulence.

I went to the gym soon after the bowel movement, to do my elimination cycle.

On the course trainer I was incapable of doing the high intensity interval training. I just did not have the energy. So, I just did a steady pace for 20 minutes.

The hot tub with the water jets was shut down. So, I just rubbed myself for the massage. Then I went to the sauna, where I also rubbed myself a bit.

In prior days, I did the hot tub before doing the heat phase of the elimination cycle. All that time in the hot tub limited how long I could remain in the heat phase. But this time I was able to remain in the sauna much, much longer, because I hadn't already had a lot of heat.

The problem was that my gut was giving me a lot of discomfort in the hot tub.

After the hot tub I too a cold shower. This time I managed to do the rest phase immediately after the cold shower. I found a shower stall for handicapped persons and I sat in it.

I drank more than 1 liter but less than 2 liters of water. As Andre writes, my belching and flatulence are either from internal microbes or aerophagia. I am quite mindful of what my throat and swallowing reflex are doing. So, I do not believe that I am swallowing air normally. But I wonder if I am swallowing air while I drink water. I am thinking of testing this by going without water one day of the fast. I wonder if I should leave this for the last day.

I think I am going to lower my T3 thyroid intake from 5 times 5 micrograms to 4 times 5 micrograms. So, I did not take my nighttime thyroid.
Day 6

During the time when I was trying to sleep I had muscle cramps in my legs. And they were worse than the previous night. My calves in both legs were cramping. At one point I had to get out of bed and stretch the calf to relieve the cramp.

It could have been caused by the lowering of the thyroid dose. Yesterday I wrote that I would take salt if this happened. After that, I read Andre's older posts and saw that he explicitly recommends against doing that. So, I will not take salt right now and just wait and see.

Today is Saturday and the start of a three-day weekend here in the United States. I will try to do two elimination cycles per day on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Thus far, I have only been doing one.

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26 May 2013 10:42 #16788 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 6 (cont.)

I decided to take three T3 thyroid pills instead of my normal 5. Maybe, I thought, I need less when fasting. But one of the symptoms of low thyroid is fatigue. And, with each successive day of this fast, I have felt more fatigued. On Day 6 I felt very fatigued.

One thing I constantly forget to mention is that my tongue had a noticeable white coating starting Day 2. I know that this is normal for fasting. In the best of all possible worlds, my tongue would clear by the end of the fast. But what I am really hoping is that my digestion improves.

Day 6 was my first day of fasting at home. I had very little energy. First thing in the morning, I committed myself to doing at least two elimination cycles. But it was cold, rainy, and windy the whole day, so I kept waiting for a break in the rain. I got lucky and at 3:15 pm I went outside. It wore shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.

I walked to the nearby Hudson River and the wind was so gusty that there were whitecaps on the River. Everyone outside was wearing long pants and jackets. The sun was never visible but it was making its presence known through the clouds. So, I took my shirt off in an attempt to get a bit of sun while I walked. All told, I got less than five minutes of cloud-obscured sun.

My knee has been getting better, to the point where I feel almost no pain during everyday activities. So, I tried to do a light run in the park. After about 20 seconds, the knee pain became steady. So, I went back to walking.

After about 15 minutes I left the park and a very light rain had recommenced. I got to the apartment building where I live and figured I would run up the stairs, as Andre mentions. I live in a six-story building. I was pleased to find that I had no knee pain running up the steps. I tried running up and walking down. It was a bit scary because I felt like I was going to trip at some point. After doing three cycles, I was panting for breath and walked into my apartment on the fifth floor.

I did something else that was new. For the massage stage, I used the pulsating shower head and applied it all over my body. For heat, I lay in the hot bathtub filled with Epsom salt.

For the cold stage, I did something else that was new. After the hot water drained, I continued to lie in the tub as it slowly filled with cold water. It took a conscious exertion of my will to stay in the tub as the cold water slowly rose over my body.

When doing the hot stage, it is difficult to conceive of myself as sweating, since whatever sweat there might be is immediately removed by the bathwater. But since I do not submerge my face in the hot bath, it is obvious that there are beads of sweat welling up on my face.

When I did the cold bath I could feel the sweat on my face turn cold.

Finally, when the bath had filled with cold water, I opened the drain and stood up. I then turned on the cold shower to get some gold water on my head.

I then quickly got out of the bath.

After drying myself off I went to the bed.

At this point, my plan was to spend a few minutes in bed and then repeat the entire cycle. But what happened is that I did not get out of the bed until four hours later.

At that point, if was after 8 pm. I decided that I was just too exhausted to do another elimination cycle.

I drank almost now water between 5 pm Day 5 and 8 pm Day 6. I don't know why. I just had no desire. I tried to drink during the evening of Day 6. For the day, I definitely had more than a liter and less than 2 liters.

7:13 am BG 3.6 (65)
8:09 pm BG 3.6 (64)

Day 7

One thing that I am noticing is that my beard and nails are barely growing or growing much more slowly. I normally shave my beard daily and trim my nails weekly. Today is the day that I would trim my nails and there is nothing to trim. I have gone more than a day without shaving my beard and there is little to shave.

My guess would be that both nails and beard are primarily protein and my body is in protein-sparing mode. All resources are being devoted to survival, and growing more nails and beard are not necessary for survival.

Another thing that I keep forgetting to mention is that beginning Day 5 I have been having the lower back pain that is so commonly reported among fasters. Since I knew that this a common phenomenon, I was not concerned. The back pain is still here today.

I have been oil pulling twice a day since the beginning of the fast. I didn't stop using toothpaste until Day 5. I still use a fluoride mouthwash each evening. And, of course, the strongest flavor that I get in my mouth are these thyroid tablets, which are sweet.

Today there is no rain. So, again, I hope to do at least two elimination cycles. Yesterday, it was the hardest thing to get my body up and go outside to do the exercise. But once I did step outside I felt quite energized.

So, today, I know that it is important to just get up and do it, despite how exhausted I may feel.

Today's weight is 70.5 (155.4).

7 days ago it was 74.9 (165.2). I have lost 10 pounds in 7 days. Some of that had to have been water. And some had to have been feces. Being very conservative, let's say 3 pounds. So I have lost 7 pounds of bodily substance.

If I remember correctly, I believe that Andre wrote that men don't need to go below 7-10% body fat. Since my guess is that I started at 15% body fat, I don't really want to be losing too much weight too soon.

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27 May 2013 12:11 #16792 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 7 (cont.)

Near the end of my last post I made an error. The weight on the morning of Day 7 represented the results of SIX days of fasting, not seven.

Day 7 began with the normal, lassitude, lethargy, and low energy. I believed that if I wanted to get in two elimination cycles, I needed to start earlier than the previous day. So, at 10:20 am I went outside. At the last minute I decided to take my tennis racket, which I have not touched for more than a month because of my knee injury, and hit a ball against the wall.

There is a handball court about 5 minutes from my home, so I did that. Again, I took my shirt off to get a bit of sun. To my delight, I hadn't lost all my coordination or strength. My concern was not that I lost them due to the fast, but due to the prolonged layoff from tennis.

I then started some practice serves. This was risky because it places great strain on the shoulder, elbow, and knees. But I wasn't even thinking about the knees at that time. But quickly my knees made their presence known by getting sore. So I stopped the serve practice and just hit forehands and backhands.

I guess that I stopped too late though. Even at the end of the day, my knees were noticeably more painful.

After the tennis. I tried running up and down the stairs in my apartment building. I couldn't even run up one flight. The tennis was quite vigorous and I had nothing left in the tank.

I did the massage, heat, and cold in the shower and bath. The hot was plain water. No magnesium. I then lay in bed for about an hour.

Around 1:30pm I began my second cycle. This time I walked through the park. Midway, I lay down, took off my shirt, and got some sun. Then I walked home and did the same routine in the bath and shower. Then I lay in bed about 45 minutes.

And then something rather amazing happened. It was lick a switch had been turned on. The lassitude, lethargy, and low-energy was gone. I felt a surge of energy. I immediately asked my son, who always wants to play ping-pong, if he wanted to play. And as we played I could feel how much more lively I was than I had been for days.

This high energy persisted for the remainder of the day.

Meanwhile, the burping, the raison d'etre of the fast, is as bad as ever. So, a couple of days ago I was reading, and realized that I had been wrong in my prior beliefs. I had written here that there are two sources for intestinal gas:

1. swallowed air, and
2. gas-producing intestinal bacteria.

From my reading, I realized that there is a third possibility. Once I read it I felt like slapping myself in the forehead, because it was blazingly obvious.

First, some background. The Fast Doctor, if I remember correctly, sometimes administers and artificial sugar, called lactulose, to his constipated patients. Lactulose is not absorbed, and passes through the intestinal tract. Some doctors use lactulose to check for bowel disorders. The give their patients lactulose and then analyze the patient's breath for hydrogen.

The human body does not produce hydrogen. But some species of intestinal bacteria produce hydrogen. It is normal to have hydrogen-producing bacteria in the large intestine. It is not normal to have significant quantities of such bacteria in the small intestine.

If the patient produces one huge burst of hydrogen in their breath, after a significant delay, that means that the lactulose hit the large intestine. If the patient shows one minor peak of hydrogen breath, followed by a huge peak, that shows that first the small intestinal bacteria produced hydrogen, then the large intestinal bacteria produced hydrogen.

Here is the significant part. The hydrogen that is released from the breath came from the BLOOD. There is a lot of hydrogen in the gut as the byproduct of bacterial metabolism. This hydrogen passes through the gut wall into the bloodstream, just as digest food passes through the gut wall into the bloodstream. The blood carries this hydrogen though the body and then releases some of it as it passes through the lungs. The lungs then expel it in the breath.

Now comes my eureka moment. Just as the blood can receive hydrogen gas and it flows alongside the gut's interior, so it can RELEASE has into the gut. So, there is another source of gas in the intestinal tract:

3. gas released by blood into the gut.

Later in the evening, I was reviewing the Fast Doctor's posts. Even though I had read Health Won and many posts on the elimination cycle, I now believe that I had not correctly understood these elimination cycles.

First, I must state that my surge in energy earlier in the day was so sudden and marked that it forced me to look for a cause. Since it immediately followed the completion of my second elimination cycle, the elimination cycle itself seemed to be the most likely cause.

This was my 7th day of fasting, yet it was the first day that I had done two cycles. So, I then wondered whether it was the fact that I finally complied with the Fast Doctor's protocol that explained my increased well-being.

Starting Day 9, I will be going back to work and have very limited time for elimination cycles. As I read the Fast Doctor's posts I realized that he was saying that I do not need to make these cycles multi-hour productions. At one point he wrote that they could be done in five minutes. He also wrote that at least one should be done at the beginning of the day and one at the end.

So, I have been trying to figure out a way to do one in maybe 15 minutes before I go to work tomorrow. I don't want to run up and down the stairs at 5 am because that might disturb the neighbors. Unless I did it barefoot? I have to think some more about that.

And then I could do a quick showerhead massage, hot water and cold. I always meditate in the morning, so that could be the resting phase.

My thirst came back this day. The prior day it had all but disappeared. Today I drank more than 2 liters.

A few days ago I got nocturnal leg muscle cramps. My concern was that they would become increasingly bad, possibly because of an electrolyte imbalance induced by the fast. My concerns were unfounded. I have had no more nighttime muscle cramps.

7:28am BG 3.7(67)
10:45pm BG 4.1(73)
Day 8

Now I can correctly state my 7-day weight loss.
Today I weighed 69.8 (153.8). That's 11.4 pounds lost. As I wrote above, some significant amount of that loss was feces, and some was water.

As I read many of the older posts last night, I did become somewhat less optimistic that my digestion would improve. I read of a number cases of people who fasted longer than 14 days and still had uncomfortable amounts of intestinal gas. Like them, I can feel it moving around in my abdomen.

Today I will combine knee therapy exercises with the elimination cycle. I was considering going to the gym and doing cycles back to back. I now think it better to do one cycle at the gym in the morning and do my second cycle at home later in the day.

My knee still feels the effects of yesterday's tennis practice.

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28 May 2013 12:33 #16806 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 8 (cont.)

This is a holiday Monday. I arrived at the gym around 10:00 am. I did knee extensions on a weight machine. I also did 25 minutes on a cross-trainer. To my surprise and delight I was able to do high intensity interval training. On Days 3 and 5 last week, I was too fatigued to do these. On the other hand, last week I was attempting them after a full day of week. This time, it was a holiday during which I slept late and then went to the gym before having done much of anything yet. Nonetheless, it was great to know that my subjective feeling of having more energy was borne out in the gym.

After completing the exercise phase of the elimination cycle, I discovered that the hot tub, sauna, and steam bath were all closed. Since it was a holiday and I had less time pressure than during the week, I was looking forward to doing a couple of hot-cold cycles.

So, I went and took a hot shower as I massaged myself and then what passes for a cold shower in this gym, where the cold water is warm. What I found was that when I sat naked in the handicapped shower stall, the air was quite chilled. So I got more of the cold phase from resting in the handicapped stall than I got from the cold shower.

Before going to the gym I stopped at the store to stock up on more water in glass bottles. I planned on getting what I always get. But I noticed that piled outside the store they had cases of bottled water. I had never noticed that before. And, to my good fortune, they had cases of still water in glass bottles. The brand was Acqua Panna. It's a lot easier to buy a case than to do what I had been doing, which was to buy individual 1-liter bottles.

When I got home I calculated that getting 15 bottles that were 750 mL each was no bargain. It was very expensive and the water had a very low mineral content.

After the gym I had an errand to do, so mostly I was in my car driving for a few hours.

I got home around 2pm and my son wanted to play ping-pong, which we did.

I went outside around 3pm for my second elimination cycle. It was a beautiful, warm, cloudless day. I went to the park and lay on the grass shirtless in the sun for about half an hour.

Then I walked back home and ran up the stairs in my apartment building a few times. I then used the pulsating showerhead as a massage followed by an Epsom salt hot bath, followed by a cold shower.

I then went to bed and was glad to find that I wasn't falling asleep. I got up about 45 minutes later.

My thirst had definitely returned. I drank 3 liters, more or less, for the day.

It was great having 3 easy days in the middle of the fast. The fact that I slept so much late Saturday afternoon tells me that I was slightly exhausted. The fact that I lay in bed and did not sleep on this day tells me that I was somewhat restored.

Before going to bed, I vowed to do an elimination cycle as soon as I woke up the next day. I was excited to try this, which would be something completely new, and somewhat anxious. I decided that I would run up the apartment stairs barefoot. The floors in my apartment are not very clean. So I had no idea how this would work out.

I only measured my blood glucose in the morning. I forgot to measure in the evening.

7:28am 4.3 (78)
Day 9

I got up at 5:10 am. I walked out my apartment door at 5:17 after measuring my blood glucose.

I live in on the fifth floor of a six-story building. So, with some trepidation, I walked downstairs to the first floor. I poked my head out the door to see what it was like outside.

I then started to run up the stairs. This is like sprinting. It is intense. When I got to the top I was breathing hard and slowly walked back down to the first floor. When I ran up the stairs again, my knee started hurting before I got too far. I kept going a bit, to see if it would get better. I did not, so I just walked up to the fifth floor, still breathing hard, and went into my apartment to do the massage, hot, cold and rest.

I have run the stairs quite a number of times now, and this was the first time that my knee hurt. I figure that sprinting right after getting out of bed is not a good idea. I need to do some kind of warmup. I don't know what I will do tomorrow morning. I might just find some alternative upper-body exercise. It won't be as intense as running up stairs, but I don't want to exacerbate my knee problems.

The good news is that I managed to find a way to get an early morning elimination cycle into my daily routine during the workweek. The bad news is that I still can't find an adequate exercise.

After I work I plan on doing another elimination cycle at home.

On a separate note, many people comment on the mental clarity and even spiritual enlightenment they find during fasts. I have been meditating daily, as I have done before the fast. During this past holiday weekend, I meditated more than usual. My experience has been that my meditations were, if anything, less enjoyable than usual. Throughout the fast my mind has been wandering more than usual and had less ability to focus.

I am able to function okay. But I have not found that I am functioning on a higher level.

Overall, though, I am happy to be fasting. As soon as I increased my elimination cycles from once to twice a day, my energy levels soared. Hunger is not an issue.

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29 May 2013 04:47 - 29 May 2013 04:57 #16816 by ilovefasting
ilovefasting replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
good job moises, 11 pounds wow..! great. It's amazing how much better we feel adding more elimination cycles right?

About the intestinal improvement. I guess we are in deed all different, but I am starting to see that my improvements of intestinal issues where resolved mainly because I am in constant fasting mode. This means for now, that I am fasting fairly often, like 4 days a week. So if I where to eat, then the next day I am not eating, this allows my food and intestines to rest.

But guess what? I ate 4 days consecutively, and the issues of my intestine returned. So then I jump back to fasting and they disappear. I am discovering that for some people, it's not a prolonged fast that will cure once and for all the intestinal discomfort/issues, but some of us will need to continue fasting alternatively, as a method to keep the discomforts away, by allowing always time to rest... it's sad, but at the same time it's good to find out there are things to help me keep my intestine more happy.

I have done only few weeks on tihs fasting like this, but there are other things getting cure as well, things happening at the same time that are not related with the intestine, like less stress, better hormonal balance etc... and as you know, all this do help the intestine work better, so I am sure, you will gain improvement by different areas that are connected to the intestine... but my guess is that we need time to heal all better.

Let us know how things continue, but don't get discourage, there will be so many little things helping, cleaning, detoxing, that can contribue to a better life with your intestine, that will incrementally little by little improve, maybe not during this huge fast, but eventuallly many things (i believe) will become more balance in your over all health that will reflect on your intestine....

happy fasting...
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29 May 2013 13:24 #16821 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion

Thanks so much for your wonderful words of encouragement. It means a lot.

I started this fast thinking that my digestive problems were bacterial in origin. With each successive day now, the odds that there is a bacterial cause get closer to zero. The good news is that it is highly unlikely that there is a constant infection in my gut. If there were, it would be putting a big load on my immune system. The other good news is that I have gained some more knowledge about my gut.

I am happy to be fasting even if it doesn't solve my digestive issues. First, there is something good about training one's self-control. It tends to be the case that learning to have more self-control in one area of one's life increases one-s self-control in other areas. Second, I am sure it is a good thing to give my pancreas a rest for a few weeks.

I am sorry to hear that eating 4 days in succession for you has led to a relapse of your digestive symptoms. What I have found many times, is that clouds like these often have silver linings. In your case, it might be that fasting in order to deal with your gut issues leads to benefits that go way beyond your gut.

Stay Healthy!

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29 May 2013 13:52 #16822 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
Day 9 (cont.)

My hamstrings, which got very sore a week ago, finally feel completely normal.
I forgot to mention that on Day 8 I was feeling some mild pressure in my sinuses so I did a nasal irrigation with saline solution. I still had some nasal congestion that night. I woke up having to breathe through my mouth. But it wasn't that way the entire night. And overall, my sinuses are doing fine.

Today I noticed that the white coating on my tongue seems to be taking up a slightly smaller area. The noncoated area has grown a bit. I wonder if this is how it typically happens. I guess that I imagined that one day the tongue is coated and the next day it is not.

As my fast continues, my admiration for the Fast Doctor grows more and more. My ability to function at a high level while eating nothing contrasts sharply with those who advocate rest and inactivity. Not only do I go to work every day I also exercise rather vigorously. All my experience so far vindicates the Fast Doctor's approach.

If I were to do a long fast again, I now recognize that there are some things that I would do differently. Today I learned that in the US one can, in many states, order one's one blood tests. I am feeling fine now, and I doubt that I will continue fasting beyond this coming weekend, so I might not get the tests for this fast. But, if I were to do it again, I would get the tests at the end of my first week.

The other thing that I would do differently, which I have already written about, is that i would make sure I do the required two elimination cycles every day. I only did one cycle daily for the first week. Once I started doing two, my energy levels were consistently much higher.

In the evening, I swung a weight around, massaged myself, and then took a hot and cold shower. I pushed myself to get to bed as early as I could. I got a lot of sleep over the prior 3-day weekend, and I wanted to make sure that I continued to get as much rest as possible.

5:14am BG 3.9 (71)
5:56am BG 4.3 (78)
7:28am BG 4.3 (78)
7:28am ketones 6.2

My ketones (BOHB) continue to rise to ever higher levels.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I could see my collar bone protruding rather prominently. I certainly haven't been massaging myself up there. I don't really have that much body fat, but if I am going to lose it, I would rather be losing it around my abdomen. But it's no big deal. I figure I will be gaining virtually all the weight back. Although, if I were able to lower my insulin dosage after fasting, I assume that my percentage body fat would stay lower than it was before the fast.

I drank about 2 liters of water.

Day 10

The prior morning, I exacerbated my knee injury running up the stairs. So, today I put a weighted bag on my back and walked up the stairs. This strategy worked well. I was panting for breath and my knees felt fine. The only change is that tomorrow, I think I will do it holding weights in each hand. The bag was awkward to put on. The shock of waking up and then doing heavy lifting and sprinting is quite jolting.

My lower back has been a bit sore throughout the fast. Putting that heavy bag on back right after waking up made the lower back a bit worse. That is why I think I might be better off carrying weights in my hands. But I was happy to have found a way of exercising quickly in the morning, so that I could do an elimination cycle before heading for work.

The plan for tonight is to go to the gym. I hope that the sauna and steam room are working. If I feel that I have time, I would like to try a hot-cold-hot-cold double cycle at the end.

I think the end of this fast is in view. My plan for ending my fast diverges sharply from virtually everything I have read, including the writings of the fast doctor.

I do not want to use diluted fruit juice, whole fruit juice, or whole fruit. I know from having monitored my blood glucose that the high sugar content of fruit will increase my BG more than I would like.

So, my plan to is make a very dilute meat broth. For the first two days I will only drink the broth. I might take a proteolytic and lipolytic digestive enzyme with the broth, as insurance.

So, Friday night I will need to buy some meat. I will then start cooking it for a couple of days. After that, I will discard the meat and drink the broth.

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30 May 2013 06:04 - 30 May 2013 06:07 #16832 by ilovefasting
ilovefasting replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
I think you could do yourself some great "green" juices diluted. Meaning something like:

1 type of Lettuce (romain, kale, spinach etc) plus celery (or cucumber) with lemon, little salt if it's not celery, if you desire some kick add cayenne?

Of course in order to do this, you do need a juicer. Also, tomato juice (i don't like it much) but they have lower glycemic index.

But whatever you are doing, seems amazing. Good planing...! broth would be great as well, as long as you are waking up the intestine little by little would be great. I once did a long juice fast in a place that where more focus on diabetes. These doctor ( Dr. Gabriel Cousens) makes the juice fast out of low glycemic index, his goal was more oriented on curing diabetes, so they had lots of recepies on how to come out of fasts without raising the sugar boost.

Enjoy your lasting days on fasting... great job.
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30 May 2013 15:35 #16837 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion

Thanks for your suggestions. I will take a look at these options.

The one thing that I will make every attempt to do is to go VERY easy as I reintroduce nutrients. I anticipate that this will be very, very difficult for me.

I notice that a fair number of people who fast have had eating disorders of one kind or another. Although I have not been diagnosed with an eating disorder, I think I am closer to the eating disorder end of the spectrum than the healthy end. I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person. So, when I eat, I tend to eat large quantities. I have always been either underweight or normal weight, so that was not a problem. But I had to clean up my eating habits when my digestion really began to act up.

And, of course, fasting is an all or nothing way of being. It is easier to not eat at all than to eat wisely. How many times have we read of people ending their fasts with wild binges on ice cream or cakes or cookies?

Day 10 (cont.)

In the evening, as planned, I went to the gym. My energy level felt rather low, so before I even entered the gym, I allowed myself to go easy.

I decided to lift some heavier weights, even though last Monday, the last time I lifted heavier weights, I said that I would not do that again till the fast was over. I was able to lift them, though I was slightly weaker.

I did a shoulder press and a seated row with heavier weights. I did the leg extension, but that is with lighter weights as physical therapy for my sore knee.

I then went to the crosstrainer where I did feel noticeably weaker. Despite this weakness I managed to push myself and do all my high intensity intervals. I was very surprised that I was able to accomplish this.

I then did some massage with the water jets in the hot tub and by rubbing myself with my hands. Then I went to the steam room. The amount of steam was not very high. Then a guy started throwing cold water on the thermostat and the steam really started to get high. He did this repeatedly. It got extermely steamy in there.

I had been thinking of doing, steam-cold shower-sauna-cold shower. But that steam room got me just as hot as I wanted to be. So I left the steam room for the cold shower. It was a hot day, so, paradoxically, the showers were the coolest they had ever been. It was nice to take a cool shower for once in the gym.

I believe that I drank about 3 liters of water.

5:16am BG 4.1 (73) [before elimination cycle]
5:32am BG 3.6 (65) [after exercise]
9:06am BG 3.5 (63)
9:08am ketones 7.5
8:27pm 4.0 (72)

Day 11

During my sleeping hours I had one incidence of muscle cramps in both of my calves simultaneously. But it was quite mild.

Throughout the fast I have had a mild case of orthostatic hypotension. So, getting out of bed in the morning and immediately starting the exercise phase of the elimination cycle is a real challenge for me.

Yesterday, I though I would carry weights in each hand as I walked up and down the stairs. But I decided that was not very safe. If I lost my balance, I would want to use my hands to steady myself. I have not lost my balance doing this, but when I am panting for breath, it seems challenging to get my feet coordinated to tread on the correct step each time.

So, this morning I used a more proper backpack and walked up and down the steps with a backpack that had 40 pounds of weights in it. This didn't bother my back as much as the weighted bag I used the day before, though, after I finished, my lower back did have some discomfort. Nonetheless, I think that I will use the same method tomorrow that I used today.

I just looked at my tongue a few minutes ago and less than 50% of it upper surface area had the white coating.

My ketones are really getting quite high. This morning's reading had my BOHB at 7.5 mM. That is not yet at ketoacidosis levels, but it is up there. From my understanding, as long as my blood sugars do not soar, ketoacidosis is not a concern. And, as I have recorded here daily, my blood sugars are just fine.

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31 May 2013 08:52 - 31 May 2013 09:04 #16849 by ilovefasting
ilovefasting replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion
wow, nicely said.

It's hard for people to admit they are incline or close to an eating disorder. I guess the word is now scary or has some ALARM connotation. But I guess more and more we are discovering we as society incline to an eating disorder of some kind.

For what I have experience on myself during this past month on fasting here, it's been like some people had shared here on the forum. I started breaking the fast HORRIBLE, with all I desire to eat, as if my mind "deserved" to eat certain foods because I had earn the right to do it after 3/4 days of fasting. So in deed I had the side effect of feeling so heavy and so tired right after eating.

But it seems that something happens during "constant, weekly fasts", where you are cleaning your toxins, dependancies on food, so this aspect helps. For example you start fasting on Monday, and by wednesday of fasting you have dream of eating a huge list of things, let's say you craved ice-cream, ships or cookies, when you actually eat it by the end of the week, when you break your fast, your tastebuds are so different, your quemical dependency on that food has broken, so when you are in the midst of overeating that food, BOOM..! it taste horrible, or at least to powerful for your NOW healthier tastebuds, I didn't believed it until I have actually felt discourage of what I believed the food taste like and what actually NOW after fasting tasted. But again, if you don't continue fasting to clean yourself on weekly basis, you lose this.

Another aspect that I notice, it's that your stomach becomes small after a small fast, so what you had dream of eating, it's impossible to achieved once you are actually eating because you are full or IN PAIN given that your stomach is way smaller than you remember it to be. Physically incapable to eat what you mind used to believed or desired you stop way before you expected. But I notice, the power of overeating becomes easy to get back to if you eat so many days in a row, that's why the doctor suggest we need to fast on weekly basis.

Then the third aspect I would share, is that the doctor says that if we embark weekly on starting monday clean, trying to keep a list of all the things you desire to indulge on eating, then pre-plan a day of feast with all that your mind desire to eat. Then let's say that during that week, by the end of that week, you fasted 48 hours at the begining, and by saturday you force yoruself to have a FEAST with all the things you dream about during that week. That if we where to do this, the guilt treap of overeating lessens, and you start to figure out that the food becomes less powerful to what you think you desire. and little by little the overeating when breaking the fasts becomes less scary, more in control as you experience and allow your self to overeat. I guess we need to allow a day of overeating, whatever that might mean for us, to not feel deprived and continue the patron of overeating constant, but more like PLANED ahead, more in control, in certain time.

But you are on a longer fast, so let's say you plan well coming out of the fast for the first 3 days, because the focus is so much there, trying to make it righ. But let's say by the 3rd day your whole digestion is back and awake and you are hungry to overeat. I have seen people here doing long fast and for some reasons they get back into a one 24 hour fast, as to keep the eating under control.

wow, I got carry away here sorry... (lol) But keep writing how everything goes because it will be nice to see your progress, specially how honest you are on this subject.

happy friday :laugh:

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31 May 2013 13:23 #16853 by moises
moises replied the topic: Journal for fast to improve digestion

Wow! There is a lot of wisdom in what you write. Thanks.

I think that fasting can have at least a twofold effect. It can be, for some, merely an extension of their eating disorder. If its merely part of their cycle of poor dietary habits.

For others it can be a step on the road to recovery. As the Fast Doctor states in his book, fasting requires discipline. If one is able to fast a few times one's self-discipline grows. As this self-discipline increases, it generalizes to other areas of one's life.

Day 11 (cont.)

I usually stand all day at my desk at work. I have been doing this for about five years. But my energy levels are declining now and this was the first day that I had to spend some time sitting. Standing all the time was just too taxing.

I didn't start my elimination cycle till late in the evening. So, it was all kind of abbreviated. I did take an Epsom salt bath in hot water.

During the exercise phase I felt some instability in my recovering knee. That was disconcerting, since the knee has felt stable for the last few weeks. As my exercise I held 20 pound weights in each hand and stepped up and stepped down a low foot stool. Since this seemed to wrok, I decided to try using those weights in each hand while walking up and down the apartment building's stairs the next morning.

For the day, I drank about 2 liters of water.

5:16am BG 3.9 (71)
7:15am BG 3.8 (68)
7:30am ketones 7.2

Day 12

It's time for me to be clear-eyed and honestly assess where I am at. The Japanese study that looked at people with IBS who fasted showed that they achieved their results in 10 days. My hope was that I would see some kind of improvement after 10 days. I would then continue for a few more days so that either the improvement would increase or I would "cement" the gains that I had already made.

The fact is that I have seen no digestive improvement at all. So, there is little need to continue this fast. The likelihood that my digestion will normalize in the next few days is nil. I have read numerous accounts of individuals who fasted 20 days or more who still experienced gassiness, nausea, or GERD late in the fast. I hoped that I would not have to include myself among them. But the reality is that I am belching as much as I ever have.

As far as other aspects of my health, my skin is no clearer than when I started. My knee has some instability. On the positive side, it is spring time and my sinuses have behaved quite well. I was concerned that I would not be able to take the herbs that I usually take to calm my sinuses. That concern turned out to be baseless.

My tongue has patches of white coating but is mostly clear.

This morning was the first time that I saw my blood ketones go down. Yesterday morning they were 7.5 mM and today they were 7.2 mM. So, perhaps, they have finally stabilized.

My BG has stabilized slightly higher than it was early in the first week. But it is still significantly below my target of 4.6 (83).

In another thread, I posted this link to an article on diabetes. It is possible that this fast could have longer term positive effects on my blood sugar control. If so, this would only become evident some time after the fast is completed.

The fast has not been terribly difficult. There have been occasional moments of hunger, but they were mild and short-lived. My energy levels were diminished, but were certainly within acceptable ranges. I was able to function and go about my life pretty much as normal.

There has always been an underlying current of anxiety because I did this without medical supervision. In the back of my mind I am aware that there are people who die while fasting, have strokes, electrolyte imbalances, etc. I know that those instances are rare, but I am conscious of them nonetheless.

I started this fast to test the hypothesis that bacteria in my gut were the cause of my belching. Since I have now fasting for more than 11.5 days and my belching is as present as ever, I think that there are two possibilities:

1. bacteria in my gut are not the cause of my belching, or
2. bacteria in my gut were nourished on the fast by the starch and sugar in my thyroid pills and were the cause of my belching.

I think that 1 is much more probable than 2. If 2 were the case, I would expect to have seen some diminution in my burping, even if the burping did not cease entirely. The fact that there was no diminution leads me to conclude that 2 is highly unlikely.

I plan to continue the elimination cycles until I start eating again. This morning I followed the plan set the previous night. I held weights in both hands and walked up and down the stairs. I walked a little slower than usual to make sure I didn't trip over my own feet.

Tonight the plan is to go to the gym.

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