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Healing a back injury...

29 Oct 2011 06:17 #9334 by Jcurious
Jcurious created the topic: Healing a back injury...
I think I may have strained a muscle in my back after overdoing it on the treadmill(I neglected my strength training for a while and was overcompensating with cardio.. without paying attention to proper form and such):/ I don't think it's a disc issue because I don't have any pain,numbness,etc. in any other place than my lower back. I'm hoping it's a muscle tear or strain and nothing else but I plan on waiting a few days to see how I feel because I don't have health insurance. My question is, if I do have a disc issue..can water fasting heal something like that? or does something like that usually require physical therapy for healing? also, if it is just a muscle tear or strain, does this type of injury usually respond to water fasting? I know it would depend on how long I fast but if you fast long enough, do these type of injuries heal with water fasting? Thanks in advance!

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