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Questions about Water Fast

05 Nov 2011 01:50 - 05 Nov 2011 01:59 #9360 by SpiritFilled
SpiritFilled created the topic: Questions about Water Fast
Hello Everyone!

I started fasting 14 days ago with 2 days just raw fruits and vegetables.
Then I did 3 days juice, 2 days water, 5 days juice and now I'm on my second day of water (of planned 3). I read somewhere to alternate juice and water fast this way. I do want to go longer, but do not have info on how to increase if I should the days of water between juice fasting... So that would be my first question and here are the rest:

2. can I have coconut water on the water fast days? (I did have some because I felt too week otherwise)
3. can I have Perrier
4. what about herbal teas?
5. should I supplement with liquid vitamins and minerals on juice fast or water fast?
6. are there any benefits to supplementing? Drawbacks?
7. does fasting decreases fertility?
8. What about folic acid? Does body gets that from fat cells? If I want to become pregnant soon after ending my fast should I supplement during the fast?

Thanks so much for any help you can offer!

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