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I'm gravitating....

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17 May 2008 06:52 #762 by Epiphany
Epiphany created the topic: I'm gravitating....

towards exercising more now. I've been reading up a lot on walking and staring at 2 new Yoga DVD's at home collecting dust in the wrapper. I desire to do pilates at a studio, but for now I need to get this walking done to get a commitment going before I commit to spending money at a studio. So, I hope my walking begins in the morning, if not it will be soon, I know me ;)


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14 Jul 2008 08:43 #1020 by TheFastDoctor
TheFastDoctor replied the topic: Re:I'm gravitating....
For what it's worth, the guidelines are that we should take 10 thousand steps a day. Get yourself a pedometer and initially just record how much you do indeed walk. Then give yourself some reward for increasing your activity.

It is quite remarkable how many opportunities you will discover in your everyday life to do exercise. You don't have to put exercise on a pedestal and isolate it from your life. It is much healhtier integrated within your lifestyle: Stairs instead of elevators, keep walking on those escalators, park a little further from where you are going, and save the money you would have spent on a gym.


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