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27 Nov 2013 04:50 - 27 Nov 2013 04:51 #18821 by Stu L
Stu L created the topic: Nausea
After completing my ten day fast and gently pre-feeding in the evenings only, I was struck by nausea, which would not go away, I ended up fasting for days because I could not stomach the thought of food, eventually I took Plasil I dont like to take medicine but I had to do something, and then started feeding myself broths like chicken broths instead of the veggies I was planning on, I also accidentally came across a reference to sodium depletion causing nausea and vomiting, and as I never add salt to my food, decided I would add some, well eventually the nausea went away, and I could stop the plasil.
I don't know what caused it and what made it go away, any thoughts anyone.

Regards Stuart
PS Can we have another category, for general use, instead of always posts for the fast doctor

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27 Nov 2013 17:58 #18823 by david
david replied the topic: Nausea
Hello Stu L Thanks for your query. Admittedly we have quite a few forum categories which makes it a little challenging to find which one is most appropriate to post on. However we do in fact have a General fasting category which is not moderated by The Fast Doctor which is here:

and you are also welcome to post on the monthly themed fast moderated by Ockeghem. This is the busiest thread on the forum so you are more likely to get replies if you post on there: Here is the link:

If you do take salt while fasting I would personally use sea salt or rock salt but not plain table salt. That is my personal preference even though the Fast Doctor says that there is no real qualitative difference between these salts.

Hope that helps and you are always welcome to contact me if you need help with anything.

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